MJF May Have Switched Up His AEW Character To Be More Attractive For WWE

MJF has not been quiet about the great bidding war of 2024 that is coming for him next year. He wants that next pro wrestling contract to make him a millionaire, and he’s not been secret about that either. Now, it appears that there is a theory going around about The Devil, and it’s quite an interesting one.

Since MJF was a hated heel in AEW, giving children the middle finger and dropping the F-Bomb on live television, he got a lot of attention from fans. That being said, WWE may not be too keen to allow someone with that reputation on their airwaves.

During the Wrestling Binge, they addressed the idea that MJF may have softened his heel character a bit, so he would be more attractive for WWE. That was shut down by Teddy Long who believes that MJF changed up his character for a different reason.

“I don’t agree with him toning down because of WWE. I think he has to tone down, because those sponsors and other people like that, you know what I mean, they don’t understand about wrestling, and they really don’t care. All they know is that they got a lot of money in advertising, and then they got kids watching the show too, so you just have to be careful what you say now. It’s different now, so that’s why I think he’s toning it down.”



It was also noted that “MJF knew how to do it,” because “a lot of guys just cuss to be cussing.” MJF has a method to his decisions, and it appears that he has lightened up a bit on getting heel heat for whatever reason. Either way, it’s obviously paying off, because MJF is now “our scumbag.”

Only time will tell if WWE is able to ink MJF to a deal. He has a lot of potential that is still untapped. Obviously, WWE is aware of him, but the big question is whether they will be able to make a deal work out when the time comes.

Do you think that MJF softened up his heel antics, so he is more appealing to WWE? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

November 13, 2023 8:21 am

Felix Upton

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