MJF Accuses Hardcore Wrestling Fans of Obsession With In-Ring Action

MJF has been touted as one of the defining heels of the current generation of pro wrestlers and it is not hard to understand why. MJF became huge star in AEW in a short time and is the face of the company, being the AEW World Champion. MJF also decided to call out hardcore wrestling fans for their obsession with in-ring action.

The Salt of The Earth is truly a student of the game who cares deeply for professional wrestling as a whole. That said, he is never afraid of calling out fans for a wide variety of reasons – which he has already done in the past.

While speaking to Dr. Beau Hightower, the AEW World Champion talked about the importance of character work in professional wrestling. While doing so, he accused hardcore pro wrestling fans of being obsessed with in-ring action all the time.

I think the biggest issue with professional wrestling now and I’ve stated it multiple times is people are so overly consumed with what’s going on bell to bell, at least the hardcore audiences. But the fact of the matter is….Twitter for example, makes up such a small percentage of the audience.



So for example, the Acclaimed is one of the biggest hottest acts that we have. They drop huge merch 24/7 all the time. If you go on Twitter, a couple months ago, [They’re like] ‘The Acclaimed is the best tag team in the world. The Acclaimed this, The Acclaimed that.’ If you go on Twitter now let’s say for a hypothetical, [It’s like] ‘Man, I don’t get acclaimed I wish they’d have more bangers.’

People that are watching at home, don’t give a fuck. Normal human beings don’t give a f***. They’re invested in the human f*** that are in the ring. They’re not necessarily invested in the moves that are happening inside of the square circle.”

MJF successfully defended his AEW World Championship against Jay White in the main event of Full Gear, after a lot of drama. That said, the match wasn’t received well by fans whatsoever. We’ll have ot see what’s next in store for The Salt of The Earth.

What do you think of what MJF said? Do you feel many fans are simply too obsessed with what goes on inside the ring? Sahre your thoughts in the comments section below!

November 20, 2023 6:50 am


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