Mickie James Reveals She Wasn’t Contractually Tied to TNA

Mickie James is undoubtedly one of the top female pro wrestlers on the planet, who has worked at a very high level at her age. She became a huge deal in TNA during her latest stint with the company, but now she has revealed that she was never under contract with TNA.

Micke James made her return to TNA a couple of years ago and competed in several memorable feuds since then. This included the excellent last rodeo set of matches, where her career was on the line during every match. She would win the Knockouts Title during her current run in TNA.

Reports suggested that Mickie James is no longer listed as an active competitor on TNA’s website and that she is taking break from the company. While speaking on GAW TV, James addressed her situation with TNA and confirmed that she had never been under contract with the company in the first place.

I will say, I saw also on the Internet that I was taken off of the IMPACT roster page, and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You know what I was really shocked about, and I appreciate the fans, thank you guys. You all are amazing, to know that you care, and that it moved you to a point to where it kind of rumbled my timeline. I don’t know about who else’s timeline it rumbled, but I certainly saw a bunch of stuff about it. I was like, oh. I’ve had a wonderful working relationship with IMPACT this whole time, and I’ve been able to do some really great stuff. They helped me so much with EmPowerr, but also I was able to, the whole Rumble thing, going back for the Rumble as Knockouts World Champion, but I’ve never been under contract the whole time I’ve been there. I have a great relationship with Scott. I love Scott. They know that I’m always here for them.



Right now, it took me a second to come to this, but I wanted to do great business no matter what. But right now, Nick just got a hell of an opportunity, and an opportunity that he’s waited a very, very long time to get. Between juggling both of our schedules of me being on the road, I just found myself very stressed out. I also think he’s having a really awesome opportunity, and I think that I could just sit back for a little because I don’t really have anything else to prove in this world of wrestling.

Are there things that I still want to do, or if it was the right thing or the right moment, or whatever? Sure, I’m down. I’m always down to do good business, wherever that is. But I also wanted to take a space and just kind of be home and let Nick go out and do his thing as the GM of SmackDown right now, without any stress, without any worry, and knowing that I’m mom-ing at home hard. I’ve still got signings, I still have appearances. I could still show up in a wrestling ring tomorrow if I wanted to and kick all the ass because that’s what Hardcore Country does [laughs].”

We will have to wait and see when the former Knockouts Champion will make her return to TNA, as fans will certainly miss seeing her compete in the company for the time being. In the meantime, the whole world is truly her oyster now.

What is your view on this Mickie James story? Do you think she will return to WWE and join her husband Nick Aldis? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

November 17, 2023 12:22 pm


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