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Michael Cole Snubs AEW During November 13th WWE RAW Episode

Monday’s WWE RAW, broadcasting live from the electrifying Capital One Center in Washington, DC, brought a dose of pure wrestling drama, and Michael Cole couldn’t help but throw some shade at AEW during Cody Rhodes’ epic entrance.

As Cody Rhodes made his way to the ring for a high-stakes tag team championship showdown, Michael Cole, the voice of WWE, dropped a subtle bombshell on commentary. He slyly remarked, “Cody wrestled his first match back on SmackDown in the Capital One Arena. He did some other stuff in this building as well.”

Now, wrestling aficionados, you know exactly what “other stuff” he’s talking about. It’s none other than the historic debut of AEW Dynamite back in October 2019, right in the same arena! Cody Rhodes faced Sammy Guevara in a matchup that became etched in wrestling history.

But, oh, how the wrestling world turns! Sammy Guevara, Cody’s former AEW foe, ended up being his last opponent in the promotion, and they duked it out in a ladder match for the coveted TNT Championship.



Now, back to the main event of the evening, where Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso had their sights set on Judgment Day’s Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. However, their dreams were crushed due to the unexpected interference of none other than Drew McIntyre! Is this a sign that McIntyre has thrown his lot in with Judgment Day for the upcoming WarGames battle? Wrestling fans, get ready for the chaos!

And that’s not all, folks! There were plenty of jaw-dropping developments elsewhere in tonight’s WWE RAW, all revolving around the enigmatic Judgment Day. Wrestling drama at its finest!

What do you think of Michael Cole’s subtle reference to Cody Rhodes’ history in the same arena where AEW Dynamite made its debut in 2019? Leave us a comment.

November 14, 2023 4:36 am


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