Maxxine Dupri Is Not Ready To Retire Her Summer Uniform In Cheeky Photo Drop

WWE Superstars get a lot of time to relax, but they are also incredibly busy when they’re working. That being said, Maxxine Dupri will soon be forced to retire her favorite wardrobe choice until next summer.

The former Los Angeles Rams cheerleader found a new home in WWE. After a shorter run than most in NXT, it was apparent that the company was going to make Maxxine Dupri a star. She was actually not medically cleared to compete when they first called her up, but WWE still made great use of her.

Maxxine Dupri also recently made her debut at New York Fashion Week. She is apparently causing quite stir wherever she goes. Her real-life boyfriend, Anthony Luke, a former San Diego State University defensive lineman , just got a WWE tryout as well.

Although some fans didn’t know how to react to Maxxine Dupri’s debut on the main roster, because she was accompanied by two male models, she soon transitioned into a member of Alpha Academy. It’s still unclear whether she is actually still related to LA Knight after his name was changed back from Max Dupri.



Maxxine Dupri is known to sport bikinis, and her social media consists of highlights of her, taking life as it comes. Things are nice for Maxxine right now, but it is time once again to “retire” that summer costume she loves so much, and she’s not ready.

“Not ready to retire the summer uniform.”

We will have to see what’s next for Maxxine Dupri in WWE. She is still getting a chance to perform on television, even if she’s not in the ring. In the meantime, she is undoubtably soaking up every bit of knowledge she can get along the way while she works with Chad Gable and Otis.

You can check out her photos below to see what kind of summer costume Maxxine Dupri will be retiring. For more updates, just like this and so much more, please keep tuning in with your friends here at Ringside News.

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September 14, 2023 6:51 pm


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