Matt Riddle’s First Pro Wrestling Gig Announced Following WWE Release

Matt Riddle became a controversial name in WWE because of his problematic actions outside the ring, ultimately resulting in his termination. Riddle hasn’t stepped inside a ring yet but that will be changing next year as his first pro wrestling gig after his WWE release has been announced.

Matt Riddle officially confirmed his departure from WWE back in September, and he almost immediately got interest from other wrestling promotions after his release. He also purchased new car after his WWE release.

Riddle can take bookings for future events, as his 90-day non-compete clause will only expire on December 20th. MCW Pro Wrestling took to Twitter and announced that Riddle will be a part of their Winter Blast event on February 3, 2024. This will be Riddle’s first pro wrestling event after his WWE firing.

Matt Riddle is willing to square off against Jake Paul in boxing match. Riddle will also face RVD next year in the highly anticipated matchup. It remains to be seen which major company he will end up in next.



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November 21, 2023 5:12 am


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