Marty Jannetty Discloses Issues He Had With ‘Dark Side of The Ring’ Episode

Marty Jannetty was one of the most popular tag team wrestlers of the 1980s and 90s. Shawn Michaels and Marty formed the Rockers, one of the biggest draws in the division, spanning both the AWA and WWE. That said, his legacy has largely been tarnished due to his antics outside the ring. Vice released their episode of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ featuring Marty Jannety last month and it appears he disclosed his issues with the episode.

Marty Jannetty became a sensation on social media, but all for the wrong reasons. In fact, his past exploits have gained him infamy. On top of that, he also has a plethora of health issues to deal with.

Vice finally dropped their highly anticipated episode of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring,’ which featured Marty Jannetty and it had a lot of details about his troubled life inside and outside the squared circle.

While speaking with True Heel Heat, Marty Jannetty discussed his episode of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ and disclosed the issues he had, which were largely the claims made by Karen Walker.



“For the most part, everything was pretty positive. There was a couple of people who were like ‘Who’s that Ozzy Osbourne looking girl sitting there obviously lying?’ She [Karen Walker] didn’t mean to, she has got some brain damage. Outside of that, but it was hilarious to me too, she was saying, ‘Shawn pushed Marty out of the hotel window and he went through the window and he climbed back in,’ and we was on the fourth floor. Ain’t nobody falling out of the damn fourth floor. ‘He crawled back in and jumps on Shawn,’ she was saying it like she was there, she was never there. She lives in St. Louis, it was in Denver and of course everybody knows that.

Then she had talked about a pill bottle spread on the floor that I was supposedly passed out over the pill bottle and Snuka and Shawn came and picked me up. The boys were like, ‘Nah that ain’t true, Snuka didn’t like Shawn. He wouldn’t be hanging out with him.’ Then she had the nerve to say, ’99% of what comes out of Marty’s mouth is not true.’ Well she still got me beat me, 100% of what she said is not true. She’s delusional, she was telling these stories like she was really there. She wasn’t, but in her mind she was, so can’t get mad at her. She was born that way.”

Marty Janetty previously denied accusations made in the ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ episode. Regardless, fans are fully aware of what he has done over the years and that’s something he has to accept.

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September 19, 2023 2:37 pm


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