Logan Paul Sets Sights on Mick Foley-Inspired Stunts During WWE Tenure

Logan Paul became one of WWE’s biggest surprises as his athletic ability helped him excel at a level no one thought was possible. Paul’s rise in the company is not a fluke as he has proven time and time again how good he can be. In fact, Paul expressed a desire to jump off a cage from 30 feet like Mick Foley.

At the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event, Logan Paul took on Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship. Paul displayed limitless athleticism and even defeated Mystero to become the new champion.

The Maverick has had solid matches against the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and more, as his athleticism continues to impress many. While speaking on his Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul revealed that he wants to jump off a cage from 30 feet like Mick Foley.

“I want to keep going harder. That’s my thing and potentially my problem. I want to go to the top rope the next time and want to jump off the top rope. Two luchadors, one on the front, one on the back. It’s something that I can do in the WWE because, while I don’t have the experience of my peers, I’d like to go to the PC [Performance Center] and start training, maybe make some more appearances on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, so I can get that respect and maybe get that experience, even though I am late to the game, I’m extremely late.



The one thing I can do, and am excited to do, is anything risky. I’m ballsy. I don’t give a f***, I will send it. I love entertainment. I will close my eyes and just go. That can be risky, and I have to be reeled in sometimes by the producers and the people at WWE, but I’m trying to do some Mick Foley-type off the top the cage onto a table from 30-feet high, Jeff Hardy type-s*** swanton bomb. That’s what I want to do, and I want to do it with the endeavor or pursuit of getting more belts. Do I become tag team champion with Dominik Mysterio? Could be fun. Two heels, two people the audience loves to hate. I like Dom.”

Logan Paul also hit back at fans who claimed that he didn’t earn the United States Championship. He also tried to pawn off the United States Championship recently. We’ll have to see who his next opponent will be, as fans are excited for his future in WWE.

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November 15, 2023 11:48 am


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