Liv Morgan Targets Rhea Ripley in Ultimate Revenge Quest After 2/26 WWE RAW

Liv Morgan returned to the squared circle at WWE’s Royal Rumble after being sidelined for months due to a shoulder injury. She then competed at the Elimination Chamber event and on RAW this week, losing both times. With that said, she made it clear Rhea Ripley is her ultimate goal.

As seen on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Morgan faced another setback as Becky Lynch attacked Nia Jax during her match, resulting in Morgan’s loss by disqualification.

While speaking on Raw Talk, Liv Morgan discussed her recent loss and the challenges she’s faced on her Revenge Tour. Morgan acknowledged the obstacles, citing interference from Nia Jax and Becky Lynch’s involvement.

Despite the setbacks, she emphasized that the ultimate goal of her tour is the Women’s World Championship, with Rhea Ripley as the final target. Morgan expressed determination, stating she won’t dwell on challenges and advised Cathy Kelley to simply watch her journey unfold.



“Yeah, I do. It’s funny that you say that. My whole life has been obstacle after obstacle, so I’m really no stranger to it, whether it’s Nia Jax, who wanted to involve herself in my business, whether it’s Becky Lynch wanting to make every single thing about her. It doesn’t matter because one thing will always remain the same, and it’s that the very last stop of the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour is and always will be Rhea Ripley and the Women’s Word Championship. So I’m not gonna cry about it, Cathy Kelley, and if I were you, I’d just watch me.’

We will have to wait and see whether Liv Morgan will eventually get a shot at Rhea Ripley’s Women’s World Championship, as fans feel Liv Morgan more than deserves a title shot

Do you feel Liv Morgan deserves a shot at Rhea Ripley’s Women’s World Championship? Let us know in the comments section below!

February 27, 2024 8:08 am


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