Liv Morgan Discloses True Severity of Injuries Before 2024 WWE Royal Rumble Return

Liv Morgan’s return to the squared circle at WWE’s Royal Rumble marked a triumphant comeback after months on the sidelines recovering from a shoulder injury. However, it appears she suffered additional injuries as well and has now revealed the true extent of the injuries she underwent surgery.

Morgan had been sidelined since the summer of 2023 because of her shoulder injury but there’s more to it than just that. While speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Liv Morgan confirmed undergoing surgery after discovering labral, bicep, and rotator cuff tears. Without the surgery, she wouldn’t have been aware of these tears.

Prior to the surgery, Morgan was unable to actually process the extent of her pain, which was so intense that it seemed numb. However, she now feels pain-free, with full rotation and mobility in her shoulder. Despite her initial concerns about the surgery, Morgan feels fortunate that her shoulder feels completely normal now.

”It was great (returning at 2024 Royal Rumble). I mean, I had a very pretty serious injury that we kind of even haven’t really disclosed the details of… So basically, I dislocated my shoulder. Yeah (in a match), with Ripley. With Rhea Ripley, I dislocated my shoulder and I went and got an MRI. The MRI showed a labral tear. I don’t know if you guys know anything about MRIs, but they’re only 60 percent accurate. I did not know that, and so, pretty much they’re like, ‘Hey, we recommend getting surgery because of the dislocation. So, you’re gonna dislocate it again.



Whether it’s in five years, whether it’s WrestleMania next year, you’re gonna have another dislocation’ and so I sat around with it because I really didn’t wanna miss time obviously but I also didn’t want to have this injury again so I opted for the surgery but luckily I did because like I said, MRIs are only 60 percent accurate so when my surgeon opened up my little shoulder, he was like, ‘Well, bicep tear, rotator cuff tear, labral tear’ and so I have all these extra tears and rips in my shoulder that we wouldn’t have known about had I not gotten the surgery so if I chose to just rehab, I wouldn’t have healed properly and we wouldn’t have known why and so I got the surgery. I’ve honestly forgot I’ve had the surgery. I feel normal, I feel great in the ring. I only remember when I see my suture marks. So it was pretty crazy.

It hurt so bad that it didn’t even hurt, if that makes sense. The pain was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even really process it. 

Pain-free (now), full rotation, full mobility. Work on getting my full strength back. My right is a lot stronger than my left right now but, I’m feeling great. It moves great. Yeah, so I’m happy. I got very, very, very lucky because shoulders are a little bit iffy. I’ve asked a lot of people and some people, with shoulder surgery, they said like, it kind of feels worse than it did before and I’m very, very, very lucky that mine feels 100 percent normal.

Liv Morgan is set to square off against Becky Lynch for the Women’s World Championship at the King and Queen of The Ring Premium Live Event on May 25th. We will have to wait and see whether she’ll be able to topple Big Time Becks and end their feud for good.

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