Kevin Nash Eviscerates Idea Of CM Punk’s WWE Return

CM Punk’s name has been brought up many times in recent memory, and there are many sides to the story about his AEW release. Now that he’s a free agent, there are rumors that a WWE return might be possible. Kevin Nash hopes that happen, and he wants a piece of Punk.

During the recent Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash shared his thoughts on CM Punk. After all, some fans are rumbling about CM Punk coming back to WWE, possibly even at the Royal Rumble.

Kevin Nash addressed the rumors surrounding CM Punk’s desire to participate in the Royal Rumble earlier this year, especially when he was experiencing difficulties with AEW. He hopes that it happens, and he also wants his old friend Triple H to throw him in the mix.

“Please do motherf*cker because I’ll ask Paul to put me in that b*tch. I’ll be on the horn tomorrow to see if we can make that happen. Sucker Punch me, skinny-fat boy. I apologize to the Waffle House at this point in my career for actually calling him a short order Waffle House cook. My bad. F*ck you Phil. Yeah, I always like my wrestlers to have birthing hips.”



WWE Survivor Series in Chicago this year. At this point, they haven’t had any issues selling tickets, but Kevin Nash also spoke about the possibility of WWE bringing CM Punk into that event for an extra bit of buzz in the Windy City.

“Selling that f*ckng company for 9 billion bucks, boy what you need on a ship that’s f*ckng sailing on f*ckng crystal clear water is some f*ckng a**hole to f*ckng stir sh*t. Go back and watch the promo that f*ckng Triple H cuts on him, and he’s sitting in the chair.”

“He says ‘The problem with you is you’re just like me’ and he just, it’s f*ckng gold. Anybody out there, look up the Triple H – CM Punk promo where Punk is sitting in the chair and Punk, with his f*ckng, what was that thing he used to give everybody?”

“A pipe job. I think he wanted to give Paul a pipe job so he’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll give you a pipe job’, or whatever the f*ck his gimmick was. Then he said, ‘I got a f*cking Pepsi tattoo and Paul said, ‘Go fu** yourself’, and he beat him, after Taker beat him, after everybody else, because everybody just beats the f*cking guy.”

CM Punk’s WWE return is not likely. After all, he was told to exit the building when he popped in to visit backstage when WWE was in Chicago during his AEW hiatus. There is a lot more to that story with CM Punk as well.

Ringside News exclusively reported that CM Punk wants fans to think that WWE is an option for him, but that’s not the case. He made “desperate attempts” at WWE return a few years ago, and WWE had to tell FOX that he needed to be “controlled” on the WWE Backstage show, where he had a gig as an analyst.

We will have to see what the future holds for CM Punk, but he might have options for him as well. We previously reported that Impact Wrestling is intrigued by the idea of making an offer to CM Punk. There is also the possibility that he could show up in the NWA and challenge for their World Title.

Kevin Nash obviously wouldn’t mind seeing CM Punk back in WWE, because he knows what’s best for business. If he gets to punch CM Punk during the Royal Rumble, then that would be an added bonus.

What’s your take on CM Punk coming back to WWE? Do you think it’s possible? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

September 11, 2023 10:27 am


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