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Karrion Kross Drops Cryptic Video After Nixed WWE SmackDown Plans

Triple H brought a few Superstars back that Vince McMahon fired over the pandemic. Karrion Kross is back, and he is waiting for that chance to perform. He is motivated for many reasons, and that only drives him to this day.

Karrion Kross has consistently demonstrated his skill in weaving intricate narratives and aiming to enlighten fans about hidden depths. In a recent YouTube video, featuring the expected dramatic and stylish elements associated with Karrion Kross vignettes, he recounted a tale of his time living in Las Vegas. He drew inspiration from observing individuals engage in relentless gambling, fully aware that the odds were stacked against them.

Kross expressed how this experience motivated him to become the inescapable force that could lead everything towards inevitable loss, causing those who dared to take chances to gradually fade into obscurity. He asserted that he evolved into “the house” and embodied “the end.”

“Well, well, well. There it is and here you are. If you’re here, that means you were looking for this. You don’t just find it by accident. This is a story you should have heard a long time ago. See, before I was involved in this business, I was involved with another one, and it took me here to Sin City. See, I always had this thing inside me. There it is again, you see it plain as day. See, I’m not crazy. I didn’t know what that was, but it told me to leave home, which was very far away at the time, or so I thought. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I found this gig, a job. All I had to do was keep an eye on people and if there were any issues, to take care of the issues. It was a good-paying job, but then I came to realize that money wasn’t that important to me. Especially when the person paying me pissed me off.



“So I decided to move on to other things. I evolved past that home monetary thing. I needed to know what my deeper calling was and I began to watch gambling. I watched people lay their lives down on the table knowing the house was going to win. I watched people destroy themselves on the chance that things might get better, but they didn’t. They absolutely did not. It inspired me. I said, ‘I want to become that chance.’ No, not the good one. I want to become the chance that everything fails and they lose everything and they fade out with less than they started with. I became ‘the house.’ I became ‘the end.’

Ringside News exclusively reported at the beginning of October that Karrion Kross was slated for push in WWE. That didn’t happen, but it was supposed to go down. It was later reported that plans for Karrion Kross’ push were nixed.

We will have to see what is next for Karrion Kross. He has a ton of potential, and odds are, Triple H will want to continue giving the former NXT Champion attention, if they can work everything out. Timing is everything in this instance, and that is especially true for Karrion Kross’ “tick-tock” gimmick.

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November 12, 2023 5:12 pm


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