JoJo Offerman Reveals Motivation To Stay Strong After Bray Wyatt’s Death

The Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt was renowned as one of WWE’s most gifted in-ring competitors, leaving an indelible legacy in the wrestling world. His untimely passing last year created a significant void in the lives of his friends, family, and his millions of fans.

Bray Wyatt’s legacy is carried forward by his family and his fiancée, JoJo Offerman, who was set to become his bride last December. With Wyatt gone, JoJo has been trying to live her life through her children and family and celebrating some occasions with friends.

Taking to her Instagram stories, JoJo asked everyone to be kind while she is trying to cope with the loss of her beloved Windham. She also mentioned that it was hard to carry the weight of Bray Wyatt’s loss and the pain of her kids losing their father. But JoJo also stated that children were the reason for staying strong and smiling in front of the world, even if she was not fine from the inside.

“I’ll never show anyone how much I’m actually hurting. Never: I’ll smile and say I’m fine. Keep that in mind the next time you think I seem okay: Be Kind. All I’ve ever wanted is the life Windham and I created together. And now, I have to learn to live this life without him whn everyday I mourn the love he made me feel. It’s hard carrying the weight of not only my pain, but the pain of our kids. But im graeful that Windham gave me 2 beautiful kids to keep loving me long after he’s gone. So for them, I’ll keep smiling and saying, I’m fine, even if I’m not.”



While JoJo Offerman continues to move ahead after Bray Wyatt’s passing, the legacy of the former WWE Champion is now being carried by his younger brother, Bo Dallas. The man, also known as Uncle Howdy and his Wyatt Sicks faction finally made their debut on RAW last week after months of speculations and hints that would certainly remind JoJo that Bray’s spirit is still alive in the place he loved a lot, i.e. the world of professional wrestling.

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