Jazymn Nyx Announces Jacy Jayne’s Surgery on 5/7 WWE NXT

The physical toll of wrestling was made starkly evident when NXT standout Jacy Jayne showcased her bruised and battered body following her bout at NXT Spring Breakin‘ last week.

In a memorable match against Thea Hail, the former Toxic Attraction member showcased her resilience but ultimately fell victim to Hail’s Kimura Lock, resulting in a hard-fought victory for her opponent. However, it was Jayne’s visibly injured face that remained in the spotlight after the bout, drawing attention.

Jacy Jayne later shared images of her bruised nose and face on social media highlighting the grit and perseverance synonymous with wrestling. On tonight’s edition of NXT, her ally Jazmyn Nyx announced that Jacy Jayne got surgery done for her injuries and was resting at home to recuperate, calling out GM Ava to take action against their rival, Thea Hail.

With the announcement of her surgery and no word currently regarding her return, we will have to wait and see when Jacy Jayne gets cleared to return to NXT television programming.



What are your thoughts on Jacy Jayne getting surgery for her injuries sustained last week on NXT? Sound off in the comments!

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