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= About WrestlePedia? =

WrestlePedia is a free encyclopedia made for wrestlers of all wrestling categories (ex. Pro Wrestling, Olympic Wrestling, etc.), including wrestling organizations. WrestlePedia is written collaboratively by the contributors who use it. It is the first of it's kind of a wrestling encyclopedia to bring the world's largest reference website and articles of wrestlers and wrestling organizations. Search thousands of articles in English.

= How to contribute to WrestlePedia? =

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Don't be afraid to editAnyone can edit every page; just find something that can be improved and make it better! You can add content (using references to support your claims), upload free-to-use images, correct spelling and grammar mistakes, improve prose to make it more readable, or any number of other tasks. It's normal for new contributors to feel a little overwhelmed by all of our policies, but don't worry if you don't understand everything at first; it's fine to use common sense as you edit, and if you accidentally mess something up, another editor can always fix or improve it later. So go ahead, edit an article and help make Wrestlepedia the world's best information source!

=Create a page =

All pages are created by accessing a page title that does not yet exist, usually by clicking on a red-colored link (which denotes non-existence, as opposed to a blue link which, with some exceptions, indicates the linked page exists). Creation is simple: upon clicking a red link, you will be transported to a blank page. Once there, enter any text and then click the Template:Button button. That's it; the page should have been created.

Many pages are created after a user sees an existing red link on a page, and then follows these steps. The methods explored below describe how to access a non-existent page when a red link is not already presented to you, in order for you to follow these steps to creation.

Method 1: searching

Enter text in the search field that you seek to create as a page title. If the title you entered does not already exist, is not technically restricted and is not creation protected, the resulting page will i) tell you that it does not exist; ii) advise that you can create the page, and iii) will provide a red link to the page title. It will normally appear in the following form (it may vary depending on the skin you have set):

Method 2: previewing a red link

  1. Click edit on any accessible page;
  2. Surround the page title you want to create in doubled brackets, e.g., [[Proposed Title]];
  3. Click the button below in the article(not the Publish changes button);
  4. Click on the red link revealed.

Method 3: saving a red link

Often you will want to have easy continuing access to a page you create. One way is to save a link at your user page, or sometimes, on your user talk page. Once you save a red link there, and create the page, the link will turn blue and will be accessible anytime you visit it.

  1. Go to your user or user talk page (both permanently linked at the top of any Wikipedia page);
  2. Surround the page title you want to create in doubled brackets, e.g., [[Proposed Title]];
  3. Click the button below in the article;
  4. Click on the red link revealed.

Method 4: changing a URL

If you click edit on any existing page or page section and then change the title of the page shown in the URL of your browser's address bar to the name of a non-existent page, and then hit return/enter, the resulting page shown will be the same as if you clicked on a red link, allowing you to create a page by the title entered. For example, were you to click edit at the top of this page, you would see this URL in your browser's address bar:

If you are ready to create the article, click the title in the box and create a page :)

For creating a Wikipedia page, please send message to the Administrator first.