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The National Wrestling Federation was a professional wrestling promotion based in Buffalo, New York from 1970 to 1974 and in New York City from 1986 to 1994. Former employees in the NWF consisted of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, announcers, interviewers and referees.


Male wrestlers

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Mike Alegado King Kaluha 1987
John Anson Karl Von Shotz 1973
Douglas Baker Bob Baker / The Ox 1974
Wayde Bowles Rocky Johnson 1987–1988
Tom Buzanoski TC Reynolds 1988
Tom Brandi Tom Brandi 1986–1987
Tommy Cairo Tommy Cairo 1993
William Calhoun Haystacks Calhoun 1970–1971, 1973
Allen Coage B.L. Brown 1982–1984, 1985–1988 [1]
Giacomo Costa Al Costello 1972, 1974
George Dahmer Chief White Owl 1970–1973
Dominic DeNucci Dominic DeNucci / Don DeNucci 1970–1974, 1987
Don Drake DC Drake 1986–1988
Michael Durham The Russian Assassin 1991
Brian Fabian Mr. Anthony 1986–1988, 1991
Paul Fabian Paul Fabian 1993
Ed Farhat The Sheik 1970–1971, 1973
Wayne Farris Honky Tonk Man 1993
Sam Fatu The Tonga Kid 1986
Frank Goodish Bruiser Brody 1986–1987
Ib Solvang Hansen Eric the Animal / Eric the Red 1970–1974 [2]
John Stanley Hansen II Stan Hansen 1987
Houston Harris Bobo Brazil 1970–1974
John Harris Silo Sam 1988
Frank Hill Jules Strongbow 1987, 1991, 1993–1994
James Johnson Luke Graham 1972
Don Kalt Don Fargo / Don Fonzo Fargo 1972 [3]
Ernie Ladd Ernie Ladd 1970–1972, 1974 [4]
Michel Lamarche Mike Dubois 1972
Guy Larose Hans Schmidt 1970 [4]
Vito LoGrasso Skull von Krush 1994
Mike Maraldo Ace Darling / Mike Maraldo 1993–1994
Anthony Matteo Tony Stetson 1987
Edward McDaniel Wahoo McDaniel 1972
Medardo Leon Jr. Ricky Lawless 1987
Jeff Miller The Metal Maniac 1994
George Momberg Karl Krupp 1973
Hoyt Murdoch Dick Murdoch 1970
Thadius Osborne Li'l Abner Osborne 1970–1972
Oreal Perras Ivan Koloff 1993
Josip Peruzović Nikolai Volkoff 1993
Gene Petit Cousin Luke 1987, 1989, 1991
Ted Petty The Cheetah Kid 1991
Antonio Pugliese Tony Parisi 1971–1974
Robert Remus Sgt. Slaughter 1986–1989
Jacques Rougeau, Sr. Jacques Rougeau Sr. 1972–1973
Raymond Rougeau Raymond Rougeau 1972–1974
Virgil Runnels, Jr. Dusty Rhodes 1970
David Sammartino David Sammartino 1988
David Schultz David Schults 1987
Mikel Scicluna Michael Valentino 1971–1974
Larry Shreve Abdullah the Butcher 1972, 1986–1988, 1991 [4]
Walter Sieber Waldo Von Erich 1971–1974
Jimmy Snuka Jimmy Snuka 1994
George Stipich Stan Stasiak 1974
Bill Terry Kurt Von Hess 1970–1974
Dennis Waters Johnny Powers 1970–1974 [5][6]
Larry Winters Larry Winters 1986–1988, 1991, 1993–1994
Edward Wiskoski Colonel DeBeers 1988, 1993
John Wisniski Johnny Valentine 1972 [4]
Jonathan Wisniski Baby Face Nelson / Johnny Fargo 1970–1972, 1974 [3]
Dale Wolfe Dusty Wolfe 1991
Unknown Baron Donatelli 1993
Unknown Bill Fishinger 1988
Unknown The Bounty Hunter 1991, 1993
Unknown Carlos Rivera 1987
Unknown Damien Kane 1986–1987
Unknown Dan the Man 1993
Unknown Eddie Miranda / Beach Boy #2 1987
Unknown EJ McCabe 1987
Unknown Jim Finnegan 1986
Unknown Gino Caruso 1994
Unknown Hot Shot Savage 1987
Unknown Jack Armstrong 1989
Unknown Jeff Gripely 1987
Unknown Jerry Oates 1988
John Madencia J.B. Psycho 1973
Unknown Jimmy Londos 1987
Unknown Joey Royal 1987
Unknown Joey Savage 1987
Unknown Johnny Rotten 1993
Unknown Kevin Storm 1994
Unknown The Kodiak Bear 1994
Unknown Krusher Krugenoff 1989
Unknown Latin Lover 1993
Unknown The Libyan Sheik 1993
Luis Martinez Luis Martinez 1970–1973 [7]
Unknown Lumberjack Pierre 1988
Unknown The Masked Executioner 1970–1974
Unknown Randy Lewis 1987
Unknown Ricky Bouer 1987
Unknown Ricky Reid 1986
Unknown Sean Wilson 1993
Unknown Sheik Beast Ferquin 1988
Unknown Sheik El-Shaad 1987
Unknown Steve Sampson 1987

Female wrestlers

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Elizabeth Chase Chainsaw Liz Chase 1986
Dawn Marie Johnston Dawn Marie
Heidi Lee Morgan Heidi Lee Morgan 1987
Wendi Richter Wendi Richter 1986–1987, 1989, 1991, 1993
Shanon Sexton Susan Sexton 1989
Unknown Angel of Death 1987, 1991, 1993–1994
Unknown Ashley Ryan 1987
Unknown Helen St. Charles 1987
Unknown Rusty "The Fox" Thomas 1993
Unknown Sweet Melanie 1987

Stables and tag teams

Tag team/Stable(s) Members Tenure(s)
The Beach Boys Larry Winters and Eddie Miranda 1987
Buddy Rose and Doug Somers Buddy Rose and Doug Somers 1988
Masked Executioners Executioner #1 and Executioner #2 1986–1987, 1991
The Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello and Don Kent 1970
The Fantastics Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers 1987
The Fargo Brothers Don Fargo and Johnny Fargo 1972
The Libyan Terrorists 1988
The Midnight Rockers Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty 1988
The Motor City Madmen Madman Mark 1987
The Mountain Men Mountain Man #1 and Mountain Man #2 1987
The Nasty Boys Brian Knobs and Jerry Sags 1988
The Oates Brothers Jerry and Ted Oates 1988
The USA Express 1991
The Wild Samoans Afa and Sika 1987–1988

Managers and valets

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Norman Tarantino Dr. Karl Farragut 1987-1994 Also worked in the NWF front office, was road manager, booker,edited video and sold shows for NWF. He left NWF to be a in become a partner ProStar Wrestling with DC Drake (he had fall out with Drake and left ProStar), he was asked to go back to NWF as road manager.

Commentators and interviewers

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Carl Baker Carl Baker
Gary Michael Cappetta Gary Michael Cappetta
Paul Heyman Paul Heyman 1986
Ronnie Martinéz Ronnie Martinéz 1970–1974 [8]
Jack Reynolds Jack Reynolds 1970–1974
^ Indicates they are deceased.
^ Indicates they died while they were employed with the National Wrestling Federation.


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