Impact Wrestling 1000 Spoilers For September 14th, 2023

Impact Wrestling is still going after their Victory Road pay-per-view, and they followed that event up with an important television taping. Impact Wrestling 1000 was set to be an important night at The Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York, and we have the spoilers for you here.

Please keep refreshing these spoilers as the night continues, and we will update as more results are made available.

The Ultimate X Structure is set up for this show, and Jade Chung was there to hype the live crowd before the show started. Gia Miller, Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were introduced next.

Jody Threat vs. Kilynn King



Taylor Wilde was absent from Kilynn King’s side during this match, and tensions were evident as they exchanged shoves at the start. Threat, showing determination, delivered some fiery clotheslines, but King countered with a kick when Threat charged into the corner, sending her outside to the apron where she was dropkicked to the floor. The battle continued on the outside, with King swinging Threat into the buckles and choking her on the ropes.

They struggled for control over a backslide attempt, and King attempted a back submission, which Threat managed to escape. King executed a kick for a two-count after a suplex. Threat fought back with a stunner and climbed to the top rope, but King caught her. King delivered several knees to Threat’s mid-section while she was positioned on the top rope, but Threat moved and pulled King over the top to the floor.

Taking a daring leap, Threat executed a cannonball off the apron to the floor. She followed up with a clothesline for another two-count. The two wrestlers continued to exchange offense, securing several near falls. Threat attempted a DVDR, but King managed to evade it. Threat executed a move and went for the cover, although it seemed like King’s foot was on the ropes.

Winner: Jody Threat!

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly vs. The Death Dollz 

Kelly and Courtney Rush kicked off the match, with Rush initially feeling uneasy. Kelly took control in the early moments and delivered a powerful kick to Rush’s head. The team of M95 then double-teamed Rush. Jessicka tagged in and executed a suplex on Masha. The challengers continued to work together, double-teaming the champions. Kelly kicked Rush from the apron while Masha hit Jessicka with a move that sent her to the floor.

Jessicka was thrown back into the ring and subjected to a series of strikes. Rush tagged in and landed a flurry of right punches. Jessicka eventually regained control and performed a bodypress on Kelly for a two-count. She followed up with an Avalanche in the corner and then whipped Rush into Kelly as well. Rush retaliated by hitting Kelly and securing a two-count.

Masha finally hit a Snowplow on Jessicka and scored the pin,

Your winners and still Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly

The previous matches were for BTI I believe.

They are setting up for Ultimate X.

Dave Penzer and Matthew Rehwoldt were introduced.


ULTIMATE X – Alan Angels vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Rich Swann vs. Samuray del Sol vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Ace Austin

In the midst of the chaos, every wrestler was engaged in battle. Wentz executed a twisting dive to the floor, while Sol pulled off an impressive Springfield flip dive that targeted everyone in the aisle. The crowd’s support was evident as chants for Impact resonated throughout the arena. Swann contributed to the high-flying action with a flying twisting dive to the floor. Bailey attempted to traverse the wires above but was forcefully pulled down. Austin followed up with a reverse flip dive to the floor, adding to the excitement.

Several competitors ascended the structure, engaging in an intense brawl all the way to the top. Their efforts culminated in a remarkable moment as they simultaneously executed triple moonsaults to the floor, driving the County Center crowd into a frenzy. Chants of “This is Impact!” reverberated through the arena.

Wentz re-entered the ring and delivered a cutter from the top rope to Swann. Bailey and Angels took their relentless battle to the top of one of the structures, where Bailey gained the upper hand, leaving Angels hanging upside down within the structure. Sol and Bailey carefully navigated their way across the wires while others desperately attempted to shake them loose. Austin intervened with a dropkick that sent Sol tumbling off the wires. Wentz and Swann engaged in an intense back-and-forth contest.

Bailey displayed remarkable agility as he crabwalked along the ropes, but Angels closely followed, delivering a barrage of kicks. Swann capitalized on the situation by executing a rana from the top, effectively taking Angels out of the equation.

Bailey continued his wire journey while the remaining competitors continued their intense battle. Wentz decided to add an unconventional twist by using spray paint on Sol. As the match neared its climax, four competitors converged at the center of the ropes, all vying to seize the giant X. Zach utilized the spray paint to disorient Ace, causing him to lose his footing and fall. Bailey continued his assault on Zach, who ultimately crashed and burned. Meanwhile, Bailey and Angels remained locked in a heated battle but accidentally plummeted into the ring below.

Angels managed to secure the X and remove it, but he didn’t immediately drop down. Bailey and Ace gave chase, and as all three competitors descended, Angels successfully maintained possession of the X, emerging as the victor of this thrilling encounter.

Your winner, Alan Angels!

They are setting up for the Feast or Fired Match.

Moose, Heath, Maclin, Laredo Kid, Johnny Swinger, Crazzy Steve, Joe Hendy, Yuya Uemura, Jonathan Gresham, Black Taurus, PCO, Sami Callihan, John Skyler, Chris Bey, KUSHIDA, Brian Myers, Kevin Knight, Bhupinder Gujjar, Jai Vidal, John E. Bravo

PCO was the last to enter and hit a flip dive on a group of talents.  Everyone battled and tried to get to one of the four briefcases at the top of the Ultimate X Structure.

Bey scored the first briefcase. They built to a big Tower of Doom spot.

Callihan and Heath battled in the center, but Steve attacked and ripped at their eyes. Crazzy Steve got one of the briefcases and wielding a fork, digging it into Myers’ nether-region.  Moose went to stop him but when he saw the fork, instead invited Steve to exit.

Maclin finally drilled Heath and got the final briefcase.  He dove off the top and nailed Heath.  Maclin couldn’t get out of the ring because the other competitors surrounded him.   Rhino hit the ring and gored Maclin.  The case went flying and Moose grabbed it.

Winners – Yuya Uemura, Crazzy Steve, Chris Bey, Moose!

It was all chaos but a fun chaos, if that makes any sense.  The Rhino twist at the end was very well done.

Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore made his way to the ring and extended a warm welcome to everyone tuning in for Impact episode 1000. He reminisced about the show’s beginnings, recalling how the very first episode featured Eric Young and himself leading Team Canada to kick things off. D’Amore also mentioned that the upcoming weeks would be a celebration of their past, present, and future.

Highlighting one of the key elements that have contributed to Impact’s greatness, D’Amore introduced Gail Kim. Kim took the opportunity to emphasize the significance of the Knockouts division. Following her introduction, a captivating video package delved into the division’s rich history and its integral role in Impact Wrestling.

KUSHIDA and Knight joined forces as a team. Knight showcased his remarkable athleticism with a springboard bodypress on Callihan, leaving the crowd in awe.

Amidst the chaos, Yuya managed to secure a briefcase, with Hendry watching his back. Callihan attempted to snatch it away, resulting in a playful tug-of-war until Yuya ultimately claimed it and exited the ring.

PCO took a daring leap to retrieve the last remaining briefcase but faced interference from Callihan, who sent him tumbling off the top rope to the floor. The competitors engaged in a fierce battle for supremacy.

In an exhilarating sequence, KUSHIDA aimed for a top rope rana but struggled to execute it. Knight stepped in and successfully nailed the move. However, when Knight tried to ascend the ropes, he was forcefully shoved to the floor. Maclin also attempted to climb up but was thwarted by Heath, leading to a relentless exchange.

Finally, Maclin managed to overcome Heath and secure the last briefcase. His triumphant dive from the top rope onto Heath was met with a thunderous response. As Maclin struggled to exit the ring, surrounded by other competitors, Rhino made a sudden entrance and delivered a devastating gore. The impact sent the briefcase flying, allowing Moose to seize victory.

Winner: Moose

In the end, it was a chaotic but highly entertaining spectacle, with the surprise twist involving Rhino adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore opened episode 1000, recalling Team Canada’s debut in the first episode. He announced upcoming celebrations of Impact’s past, present, and future, with a focus on the Knockouts division. Gail Kim discussed the division’s significance, leading to The Beautiful People’s interruption.

The Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, questioned the Knockouts video package. Gail Kim responded, and more Knockouts, including Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans, Jai Vidal, Jordynne Grace, and Deonna Purrazzo, joined the discussion.

Knockouts Champion Trinity asserted her moment, and Awesome Kong and Raissa Saed entered the scene. Tasha Steelz made her return and claimed her spot in Team Beautiful People. Mickie James returned to a massive pop and declared herself a member of Team Trinity, along with Gail Kim, Jordynne Grace, and Awesome Kong.

During the exchange, Gail Kim welcomed The Beautiful People back, mentioning that fans seemed to enjoy their rude behavior. Jordynne Grace interrupted, praising the original generation but criticizing the “vapid” behavior of others. Deonna Purrazzo chimed in, claiming she’s here to represent her generation and recalling her era as the Virtuosa, which started when she defeated Grace for the Knockouts title.

Knockouts Champion Trinity showed respect for all of them but emphasized her moment as the current champion. Awesom Kong and Raissa Saed entered, with Saed demanding silence and daring anyone to challenge Kong.

Tasha Steelz, returning after months away, declared herself the fifth member of Team Beautiful People, alongside Deonna, Gisele, and Savannah. She aimed to be the greatest by defeating the biggest, referring to Kong.

Mickie James received a massive pop upon entering and confidently declared herself the fifth member of Team Trinity, consisting of Gail, Grace, and Kong, humorously naming them “Team Over.”

Team 3D vs Desi Hit Squad

Bully and Singh started the match, with Ray working over Singh’s arm. Devon tagged in and delivered a sledgehammer blow from the ropes, prompting a “Welcome Back” chant from the crowd.

Singh and Raju attempted to double-team Devon but were met with a double clothesline. Ray tagged in, and they executed a back suplex/neckbreaker combination. Bully climbed the ropes but was caught and slammed by Singh, who questioned Bully’s identity.

Devon re-entered the match, taking control against Singh. Raju entered the ring but was met with a clothesline. Devon executed a spinebuster on Singh, with the crowd chanting that he still had it. Bully slammed Raju, and they performed the Wazzup Headbutt. Devon fetched the tables, and they hit 3D on Singh, securing the victory for Team 3D.

Winners: Team 3d

Raju suffered a Bubbabomb off the ropes through a table, which thrilled the crowd. Bully and Devon then took the mic, leading a massive Impact chant and expressing their appreciation for the reunion match.

Next, Josh Alexander made his way to the ring and delivered a promo. He mentioned how he gives his all in the ring every night to be the best and reflected on being a fan of Impact for 21 years. He acknowledged that his 15-year-old self would never have believed he’d be part of the celebration for 1000 episodes. Alexander emphasized that he stands in the ring as the man who never lost the Impact title and is determined to make that right.

Following Alexander, the Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley entered the ring.

Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian & Traci Brooks

This marks Brooks’ first official match since 2012.

They all engaged in a brawl around ringside at the start. Kazarian received a suplex from Eddie on the floor. Brooks and Alisha took their battle into the ring. Eventually, it settled into a conventional tag team match, with the Edwards family gaining control over Kazarian. The crowd expressed their sentiments with a “Boston sucks” chant. Eddie delivered a stinging chop to Kazarian, who was then thrown to the floor, where Alisha executed a tornado DDT. The Edwards family shared a kiss over Kazarian’s prone body.

Kazarian attempted a comeback but was swiftly taken down by Edwards, who proceeded to choke him in their corner using the ropes. When the referee reprimanded him, Alisha took her turn to choke Kazarian. Eddie continued to chop Kazarian in the corner.

Kazarian tried to fight back but was dropped by Edwards, who then choked him in his corner on the ropes.  When the referee adominished him, Alisha choked Kazarian.  Eddie chopped Kazarian down in the corner.  Alisa came off the ropes as Eddie held Kaz but he moved and she nailed her husband instead.  Kaz tried to pin Edwards biut he wasn’t legal so he hit a Northern Lights suplex on Alisha and tried to pin both.  Traci tagged in and went after Alisha but Eddie grabbed her for the Backpack stunner off the ropes.  Instead she nailed him.  Traci attacked Alisha and hit a Kryptonite Krunch and scored the pin.

Winners: Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks!

Kazarian said he was happy to celebrate 1000 episodes but they have more to celebrate.  He asked everyone to watch the video screen.

X-Division Champion Lio Rush vs. Chris Sabin

The match began with a fast-paced exchange. Rush initiated a dive into the aisle, and Sabin came close to being counted out. They emphasized Sabin appearing dazed, similar to their previous PPV encounter. Sabin managed to trick Lio with a small package, nearly securing the pin. Sabin executed some impressive offense, maintaining control for a period. Dueling chants from the crowd started. Sabin grappled with Rush on the mat, but Rush fought back, delivering a back suplex. Sabin responded with a missile dropkick. They continued their battle outside, where Rush performed a moonsault into a DDT, leaving Sabin down. They fought onto the ramp, and something occurred to Sabin that was not visible from my perspective.

Rush slammed Sabin into the apron and followed up with a spinning kick. They ascended to the top rope, where Sabin executed a superplex. Sabin was powerbombed but managed to kick out. Sabin executed a Michinoku Driver for a near fall and followed it up with another for another close two-count. They grappled on the top rope, where Sabin attempted Cradleshock, but Rush fought him off and escaped. Rush knocked Sabin back into the ring and delivered an impressive frog splash for a near fall.

Rush continued to assault Sabin, who became increasingly agitated. They exchanged stiff shots before Sabin hit a DDT and finally secured the victory with Cradleshock.

Winner and new X-Division Champion: Chris Sabin!

Sabin is now a ten time champion.

Dirty Dango with John E. Alpha Bravo came to ring. Dango said he hates pro wrestling.  

Dirty Dango vs. Jake Something

They battled. Something nailed a shoulderblock in the corner. Dango was sent to the floor.  He acted like he was out.  Something was going to dive but Bravo got on the apron and distracted him. Dango attacked Jake from behind. He made a comeback and scored the pin.

Winner: Jake Something!

Eric Young with Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King with Sheldon Jean

It didn’t go long before King got DQ’d.

Shark Boy came out on stage.  He said that he wasn’t going to let the match end like that and declared they would restart it as tag team match.

Eric Young & Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

Deaner and Kon hit the ring and attacked.

Shark Boy said they aren’t going to have this happen.  He announced an eight man tag team match with some guys ready for a fight and then out came America’s Most Wanted.

America’s Most Wanted & Eric Young & Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean & Big Kon & Deaner

AMW started with early dominance over Sheldon. King tagged in and engaged in a back-and-forth exchange with James Storm. AMW executed some of their trademark moves. Harris targeted Deaner, allowing Scott to deliver a sledgehammer blow off the ropes. Young entered the match and unleashed a series of right hands on Deaner in the corner. King tagged in and connected with a springboard legdrop for a two-count. Kon tagged in and controlled Young for an extended period.

Storm eventually received the hot tag and took charge against Jean and King. Young hit a flying elbow on Jean for a two-count. Young secured the victory with a piledriver.

Winners: Team Canada and America’s Most Wanted

Trey Miguel vs. Josh Alexander

Trey slapped Josh as the match began to play some mind games, then rolled out of the ring. The opening moments featured solid wrestling. Miguel took control and focused on Alexander’s mat work. He attempted to whip Josh across the ring, but Josh clung to the ropes. Josh aimed for a German suplex, but Trey countered with a kick. He then backflipped over Josh and delivered a dropkick to the back of his neck before applying a side chinlock.

Alexander and Miguel exchanged offense. Miguel climbed to the top rope, but Alexander attempted to knock him off. Miguel dodged the attack and re-entered the ring. Alexander hoisted him onto his shoulders and took him to the top turnbuckle. Miguel managed to escape and executed a top-rope hurricanrana followed by a Meteora. Alexander then tried to lock in an ankle lock, but Miguel kicked him out of the ring. Zach, however, intervened by throwing Alexander back into the ring and was promptly struck by Alex Shelley, who hit him with the Impact title belt and stayed at ringside.

Inside the ring, Alexander retaliated with a C4 Spike and secured the pinfall victory.

Winner: Josh Alexander!

Alexander sarcastically thanked Shelley for his involvement and claimed that he could have handled the situation on his own last week or at Emergence. Shelley clarified that he didn’t intend to assist Alexander but rather wanted to inflict harm on The Rascalz. Josh declared his intention to reclaim the championship at Bound for Glory.

Trinity & Awesome Kong & Gail Kim & Mickie James & Jordynne Grace vs. Angelina Love & Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans & Gisele Shaw & Deonna Purrazzo

Entrances received enthusiastic reactions from the crowd. Naomi and Angelina initiated the match, with Love maneuvering her into the corner. A shoulderblock by Love briefly took Naomi down, but she rebounded by slamming Love to the mat. Trinity executed a split legdrop on Love, who retaliated with a jawbreaker. Love managed to escape a precarious situation.

Deonna and Grace entered the ring. Shaw offered to enter, and Deonna allowed her. Grace delivered kicks and a slam before performing a jackhammer. However, Savannah prevented the pinfall. An accidental strike by Shaw sent Evans out of the ring. James tagged in and leaped off the top rope onto Gisele with a Lou Thesz Press.

Tasha confronted Mickie, and they clashed. Mickie landed a boot to Tasha’s face. Deonna entered the match, but Mickie countered with a series of kicks. Mickie ascended to the top turnbuckle, but Team Beautiful People thwarted her. Evans joined the bout, launching a flurry of right hands. Deonna re-entered the contest, but James tagged Gail. She unleashed a series of clotheslines and impactful maneuvers. Gisele interjected, prompting Gail to execute a lucha armdrag and head scissors combination.

Gail was sent to the floor, where Tasha targeted her. The crowd chanted for Kim, who was thrown back into the ring and subjected to a massive sideslam by Love. The audience clamored for Kong. Gail Kim retaliated by ensnaring Gisele in an Octopus hold. Gisele hurled her backward into the corner. The crowd’s yearning for Kong continued, and Shaw administered a severe backbreaker to Gail. Kim was confined within hostile territory as they took turns stomping on her.

Kim eventually fought her way out and tagged in Kong, prompting a tremendous pop from the crowd. Kong decimated everyone and confronted Evans. Although Evans attempted a chokeslam, Kong struck her with a backfist. Kong seized her but encountered interference from the other competitors. James and Trinity entered the ring and executed simultaneous Thesz Presses. Trinity executed a dive, and the bout transitioned into an elaborate dive sequence. Evans was halted by James but was blindsided by Grace, who employed Kim as a weapon. Kim performed a massive bodypress to the floor, targeting everyone.

Kong remained pitted against Gisele, whom she obliterated with a backfist and a chokeslam. Kong finalized her victory with the Impact Buster, securing the pinfall.

Winners: Trinity, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Mickie James, and Jordynne Grace

Tommy Dreamer & Rhino vs. Brian Myers & Moose

Dreamer sent Moose tumbling to the floor, and Rhino took advantage of the situation by striking Moose and Myers. Dreamer pretended to attempt a dive but opted for stepping off the apron and hitting them instead. However, Myers caught Dreamer with a kick after Moose grabbed his leg. Moose and Myers teamed up to control Dreamer for an extended period, with Moose delivering a barrage of right-handed blows. Dreamer countered with some clubbing blows before tagging in Rhino.

Rhino entered the fray, unleashing a flurry of elbow strikes. He set up for the Gore, but Moose intervened with an attack. Moose and Myers continued their assault on Rhino, but Rhino managed to gore Moose. Dreamer reentered the match, and Rhino executed another Gore on Myers, securing the pinfall.

Winners: Rhino and Tommy Dreamer

Please keep refreshing these spoilers as the night continues, and we will update as more results are made available.


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