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How CM Punk Got Trapped Inside WWE HQ Revealed

CM Punk is known to be part of some of the biggest WWE moments in the history of the global juggernaut. The Best in the World recently recounted his unexpected adventure of being trapped inside WWE Headquarters following his appearance on the WWE Backlash pre-show and gave an account regarding the details for the same.

In video released by WWE, the former WWE Champion described being impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities, particularly the high-tech entry system using key fobs which became the reason for him getting accidentally locked inside a bathroom while changing after the pre-show.

Realizing that he had missed his flight due to being trapped, CM Punk decided to spend the night at WWE HQ, making do with sleeping on a couch. Despite the inconvenience, he appreciated the hospitality, especially the stocked fridges, though he had to be cautious not to get locked out again.

Punk eventually made his escape and made it time for WWE RAW in Hartford, Connecticut, making a dramatic entrance in a vintage car in search of his arch-nemises, Drew McIntyre.



While CM Punk made his escape this time, his trapped shenanigans serve as an example for every WWE superstar and personnel to be aware of the high-tech facilities at WWE Headquarters that led to The Second City Saint being locked inside WWE’s office place.

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