Gable Steveson’s Future In WWE ‘Has Been Kept Quiet’

Gable Steveson’s insane performance at the Tokyo Olympics back in 2021 made him a household name. Because of this, he eventually signed with WWE and it took him a long time to finally get a match. However, he has been absent from NXT television since The Great American Bash and it appears Steveson’s future in WWE has been kept quiet.

Steveston started appearing on NXT television, where he hit few German Suplexes. It was then confirmed that Gable Steveson will be squaring off against Baron Corbin at the Great American Bash, in what will be his first-ever WWE match.

During the Great American Bash match, fans completely turned on Gable Steveson and booed him throughout the match, shouting chants such as ‘You’re not Angle’ and many more. The match also ended in very divisive manner and he has been absent from NXT television ever since.

Recent events have cast doubts over Steveson’s WWE future as well. According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Gable Steveson’s future in WWE has been kept quiet, as there is no indication WWE has plans for him.



“We do know he was still talking weeks ago about the world championships and he took time off to train for it, and then about going back to the University of Minnesota or Iowa to try and win a third NCAA title and the Olympics next year. I would think this indicates that probably isn’t happening but everything regarding his future has been kept quiet.”

WWE is also forced to re-evaluate Gable Steveson after he was pegged as the next Brock Lesnar. He also got his first win at an NXT live event recently. Only time will tell what will become of Gable Steveson in the end.

What is your opinion on Gable Steveson’s lack of plans in WWE? Do you believe WWE will end up letting him go? Let us know in the comments!

September 15, 2023 7:52 am


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