Fresh Insights into WWE RAW’s Upcoming Intro Music Update

WWE is shaking things up once again, and this time the RAW theme song will see a change. Now, we have new details on what they are planning.

Sean Sapp noted new details about WWE RAW’s new theme song. This new music is on the way, as WWE is looking to shake up their intro.

As reported recently, discussions have arisen regarding the alteration of WWE Raw’s theme, and this change may occur in the upcoming week. Furthermore, various other aspects of the production are also receiving new themes.

As best we can tell, the new Raw theme will be titled “Born to Be.”



There is also music for match graphics, showing the crowd, and the like. We’re told the names of those are “Survival,” “Came To Win It,” and “Eyes of a Warrior.”

The publishers are listed as members of DefRebel and Stephanie Music Publishing Inc., the latter of which is WWE’s music publishing company.

We will have to see how the new music sounds when it finally premieres. WWE fans got very used to the current RAW theme song, but odds are they will adjust to a new song eventually.

Every time WWE changes the theme song for one of their shows, fans are usually critical. We will have to see what kind of reception they receive when they break out the new music, whenever that day comes.

What’s your take on WWE breaking out a new RAW entrance music? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 20, 2023 3:27 pm

Felix Upton

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