Finn Balor Addresses Bringing Back Demon Character

Finn Balor has accomplished a lot in WWE and the allure of his ‘Demon’ character continues to be a well-discussed topic even now. In light of that, Balor has addressed bringing back his Demon Balor character.

Finn Balor’s Demon character is a fan-favorite in the company, and whenever he appears as the Demon, fans take him much more seriously—and for good reason. For a long time, Demon Balor remained undefeated in singles competition.

However, this changed in 2021 when he was defeated by Roman Reigns. Subsequently, Finn Balor also lost to Edge at WrestleMania 39 as well despite embodying his Demon persona.

While speaking on the What’s The Story podcast, Finn Balor shared his thoughts on potentially working with the Wyatt Six. He was enthusiastic about the idea, noting that he feels they could create some exciting moments together.



Balor explained why he would be reluctant to bring back the Demon character for a Wyatt Six storyline. He gave emphasis to his preference for keeping Finn as a heel and the Demon as a babyface, without blurring the lines between the two personas. Balor acknowledged that the Demon character hasn’t been executed well in recent years and stated that he would rather not use it than do it in a way that doesn’t satisfy him.

Balor mentioned that in six years, he might be willing to perform as the Demon again, but currently, he enjoys portraying heel Finn. Balor believes he can offer more layers and storytelling possibilities as a heel Finn compared to the straightforward, bulldozer approach of the Demon.

“I’d love to work with The Wyatt Sicks. I feel like we could do some cool s**t there… I would like to keep Finn as a heel and The Demon as the babyface and not blur the lines at all.

“But it’s so hard and I feel like The Demon’s kind of something that we haven’t executed very well the last couple years and I’d rather not-not do it than do it in a way that I’m not happy with so, and look, in six years time, they can throw me out there in Demon paint and I’ll do the entrance.

“But now, Finn’s having too much fun and I feel like I can give a lot more layers as a heel Finn than The Demon. The Demon’s just very straight-forward.

“He’s like a bulldozer. He just goes straight for the kill, where Finn’s a little bit more sneaky and there’s more story arcs you can tell with Finn versus a supernatural Demon so…”

Finn Balor also previously admitted that the Demon character felt like crutch. Regardless, we will have to wait and see whether Balor will bring back the Demon character somewhere down the line, as he will be sticking with WWE for many years to come.

What’s your opinion on what Finn Balor had to say? Do you want to see Finn Balor as the Demon again? Let us know in the comments!


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