Fans Drag AEW For Selling New Trios Scissors Title Belts For $5k

The Acclaimed and Gunn introduced their unique AEW Trios Championship belts, featuring colorful straps and a distinctive scissor design that allows them to interlock, and that was a fun little segment. Then AEW started to try and cash in, which brought an even larger reaction.

Fans will soon have the chance to buy replica versions of these belts, but at a substantial price of $4,999 per belt. Only ten replicas of this custom championship will be made, as indicated by a listing on Each belt will be numbered from 001 to 010 and will come with a championship belt bag.

Even a Certificate of Authenticity, personally signed by The Acclaimed, Daddy Ass, and the Belt Maker, included with each championship didn’t stop fans from complaining. Apparently, they think that $5k is too much to spend on an AEW Trios Title belt that scissors itself.

These belts are carefully crafted by Red Leather Belts and are made to order. The quality is there, and it is a limited item. Fans still chimed in on social media in a big way to comment on the $5k price tag.



AEW Shop dropped a tweet to promote this new item in their online store. That post was ratioed in a big way.

Fans are a bit upset at the $4,999 price tag. Responses of “no f*cking way” chimed out within the AEW fan base. Another fan rightly asked, “is that for all three?”

We’ll have to see if anyone buys those titles. If anything, you know if you see someone sporting one of those scissors titles at a pro wrestling show, then they shelled out a ton of money for that prop.

You can check out AEW Shop’s post, and a bunch of responses, below. As usual, keep checking back with us at Ringside News for way more on this story and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world!

What’s your take on this situation with AEW selling a $5k title belt? Is anyone ordering one? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

September 16, 2023 11:57 am


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