Ex-TNA Star Discloses Why He Never Signed With WWE

Hernandez made a name for himself in TNA, where he was a tag team with Homicide, where they were known as LAX – The Latin American Exchange. He saw great success in TNA, but never signed up with WWE in his career. He has now disclosed why he never joined the global juggernaut.

Hernandez worked on and off with the promotion on five different occasions, with 2020 being his latest and final stint. He officially parted ways with the company back in March last year.

While speaking with Ten Count with Steve Fall, Hernandez noted that WWE never directly approached him to sign with them. However, he did compete in a few dark matches during the early 2000s in WWE.

Hernandez recalled dealing with Kevin Kelly in WWE, who would watch tapes sent by wrestlers and then give feedback as to how they could join WWE developmental. Hernandez sent in a tape without properly identifying himself as he had a good relationship with Kelly. However, he didn’t know Kelly was no longer in that position and ended up getting called by Tom Pritchard, who tore him a new one. Ultimately, this disrespect made him turn away from WWE for good.



In the early part of my career, like [2001 or 2002], I did dark matches with WWE,” Hernandez said. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to be in WWE at the time. I liked All Japan [Pro Wrestling] and Mexico.

[He] just ripped me for about 3 or 4 minutes. I waited [for] him to stop. I go, ‘Sir, thank you very much, but please never call my house again,’ and hung up on him. Because yes, I sent tapes — yes, I wanted to get a job — but I’m not going to just let you [disrespect] me.”

Hernandez is working in the independent circuit and is happy with the decisions he has made so far in his career. It is unlikely he will ever make his way to WWE as a Superstar and he is content with that.

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November 16, 2023 6:38 am


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