Eddie Guerrero Trends As Tributes Fill Social Media On 18th Anniversary Of His Passing

Eddie Guerrero is gone, but he is not forgotten by long shot. Today marks 18 years since the world lost Latino Heat, and his name is seeing a lot of tributes today.

Eddie Guerrero passed away on November 13th, 2005, due to heart failure. His untimely death was a result of heart disease, which had been a concern in his life. Despite his struggles, he continued to pursue his wrestling career until his sudden and tragic passing, leaving a void in the wrestling world and among his fans.

In the final months of Eddie Guerrero’s life, he continued in WWE, and he was set for a push at the time. Sadly, he never got to see more well-deserved time on top of the WWE roster. He remained dedicated to his career, participating in various wrestling events and contributing to storylines. Despite his struggles, Eddie’s passion for wrestling remained evident as he continued to perform in the ring.

Amid his wrestling commitments, Eddie Guerrero faced health issues and personal demons. These challenges affected his well-being, but he persevered and sought support to overcome them. In his last months, Eddie’s journey was marked by both his dedication to wrestling and his personal battles, leaving a lasting impact on the wrestling community.



Eddie Guerrero’s final match took place on November 11th, 2005, just two days before his untimely death. He wrestled against Mr. Kennedy on an episode of WWE SmackDown. This match was part of the ongoing storyline and rivalry in WWE programming at that time. Eddie’s passing occurred shortly after this final match.

Fans are dropping tributes to Eddie Guerrero today, and they are well-deserved. His name is also trending on social media as many fans share their favorite clips and quotes from Latino Heat.

Today is a bittersweet day for a lot of people. Eddie Guerrero is missed throughout the pro wrestling world, as many are wondering what could have been. One universal fact rings true through all those tributes, because Eddie Guerrero is missed, and he also had an undeniable impact on the pro wrestling world.

What’s your take on Eddie Guerrero’s legendary career? What moment from his career will you never forget about? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 13, 2023 8:32 am


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