Drew McIntyre’s Heel Turn On 11/13 RAW Sparks Speculation of WWE Presentation Shift

Drew McIntyre’s heel turn was a long time coming, as he has teased it for a while. Now, he is on the Judgment Day’s team for WarGames at Survivor Series. It appears that WWE may have teased a return for his Broken Dreams entrance music as well.

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This week’s episode of RAW concluded with an intense Undisputed Universal Tag Team Title match, pitting the Judgment Day against the duo of Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. However, the outcome did not favor the heroic team.

A surprising turn of events unfolded when Drew McIntyre made an unexpected appearance at ringside, delivering a devastating Claymore Kick to Jey Uso. This incident underscored McIntyre’s ongoing grudge, as he holds Jey Uso accountable for his failure to attain the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.



In a surprising twist, Rhea Ripley emerged and exchanged a handshake with Drew McIntyre, cementing their newfound alliance. It appears that the Judgment Day now has a fifth member for their WarGames team at Survivor Series, aligning with previous reports. Drew McIntyre’s transition to a villainous character has reached its culmination, a development that had been a long time coming. As his WWE contract approaches its expiration before WrestleMania 40 next year, the unfolding narrative will undoubtedly be of great interest to fans.

WWE posted an image of RAW this week, right after Drew McIntyre turned heel. They also included lyrics to his Broken Dreams theme song.

And I dream broken dreams

I make them come true

I make them for you.

Drew McIntyre has spoken in the past about how he wants to see his Broken Dreams entrance music return. Many fans have wanted to see that as well. Only time will tell if this heel turn will facilitate that.

WWE fans may see a return of the Broken Dreams theme song. Waiting until Survivor Series may also be a good idea for that big moment, but either way, this post on X from WWE’s official account was not lost on fans.

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November 14, 2023 10:41 am


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