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Drew McIntyre Points Out the Need for Corrections Within WWE RAW

Drew McIntyre has recently found himself entangled in a heated feud with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. This rivalry was sparked inadvertently when McIntyre accidentally struck Woods with a chair on the August 28 episode of WWE Raw.

During Monday’s edition of RAW Talk, McIntyre opened up about his perspective on the current state of WWE RAW. The former WWE Champion expressed his belief that there are numerous issues that require rectification within the Raw brand.

“I don’t know if this is the forum where I reveal everything going on in my mind,” McIntyre began. “I’ll just say there’s a lot of wrongs that need to be righted around Raw right now. This is not the same place where I was WWE Champion for a very long time.”

McIntyre’s passion for the business and his dedication to rectify the perceived wrongs in WWE RAW were evident as he addressed the situation. While he admitted to not enjoying his recent actions against Xavier Woods, he issued a stern warning to Jey Uso, his upcoming opponent on the September 18 episode of Raw.



In his parting words, McIntyre made it clear that he intends to relish every moment of his battle with Uso. As he continues his journey on WWE RAW, fans can expect the Scottish warrior to leave no stone unturned in his quest to set things right and reclaim his place at the top of the WWE hierarchy.

What are your thoughts on Drew McIntyre’s perspective regarding the current state of WWE RAW? Do you agree that there are issues that need to be addressed? Leave us a comment.

September 12, 2023 9:07 am


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