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Dominik Mysterio Falls Victim to Zelina Vega’s Prank Call Shenanigans

Zelina Vega, known for her charisma both in and out of the wrestling ring, recently decided to have some fun by prank calling Dominik Mysterio. The WWE star shared clip from her prank call on her Instagram, and it’s as entertaining as you’d expect.

In the clip, Vega adopts the persona of a 7-year-old boy named Harold, complete with a childlike voice and a stuffy nose. She calls Dominik Mysterio and attempts to place an order for food, all while maintaining her youthful character.

Dominik, unaware that he’s being pranked, takes the call seriously and engages in a conversation with “Harold.” He asks various questions, including where Harold’s mother is. Vega even throws in the famous “No, this is Patrick” meme from ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ for added humor. To add to the confusion, she requests chicken tenders, a reference to Dominik’s well-known preference for that particular dish.

As the call progresses, Dominik even asks whether Harold’s mother is attractive. Eventually, Damian Priest intervenes and advises Dominik to end the call when they believe they’re talking to an actual 7-year-old.



Vega humorously captioned the post, ‘‘On Sundays, we prank Dominik Mysterio.” This isn’t the first time she’s had an entertaining exchange with a fellow WWE colleague, as her previous birthday message to Rhea Ripley also resulted in plenty of laughs.

Fans have enjoyed Vega’s prank call with Dominik Mysterio, appreciating the lighthearted and fun moments she brings to the WWE universe. It’s all about entertaining the fans, and Vega certainly knows how to do just that.

What do you think of Zelina Vega prank calling Dominik Mysterio? Do you want her to do it to other WWE Superstars? Sound off in the comments section below!

November 13, 2023 4:31 am


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