Dolph Ziggler’s AEW Rumors Gain Traction as Speculation Intensifies

WWE fired a truckload of people after the TKO merger went down. The comprehensive list is pretty astounding at this point, and it appears that more cuts are on the way. Tony Khan has signed plenty of people that WWE released, and it appears that one more is on the way.

Although we have very good idea who will be the big surprise signing at AEW Full Gear, more could be on the way. It is very likely that one former WWE World Champion is about to become All Elite as well.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that, although he won’t be the big Full Gear surprise signing, Dolph Ziggler is expected to end up in AEW. At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting out his 90-day non-compete clause, and making things work out.

“Within wrestling Dolph Ziggler’s name has come up, but his non-compete with WWE doesn’t end until late December so it would seem impossible for it to be him, although many expect him in AEW.”



Dolph Ziggler’s brother Ryan Nemeth is already in AEW. It stands to reason that he could make an easy transition. Although some have warned against Dolph Ziggler signing with AEW, it was said since his WWE release that the Show-Off is on the company’s signing wishlist.

When it comes to who may show up at AEW Full Gear, Bill Goldberg is currently a free agent, and Tony Khan has mentioned their discussions and mutual interest multiple times. Will Ospreay is another potential candidate. Although his contract with New Japan doesn’t expire until February, AEW and New Japan have established business ties. Joining AEW could allow Ospreay to continue participating in major New Japan events. However, it’s important to consider that WWE might also present a substantial offer, making his decision more complex.

It’s worth noting that Tony Khan didn’t specify that the new addition to the company would be a wrestler, leaving room for speculation that it could potentially be the expected MJF signing.

Mercedes Mone was initially at the forefront of people’s minds when Tony Khan made the announcement, especially considering her previous involvement with AEW at Wembley Stadium. However, her ankle injury, which required surgery, raised questions about the seriousness of the injury and the secrecy surrounding it. The key question is when she will be ready to return and whether she’s willing to commit to a long-term deal with AEW, which would imply staying away from WWE for an extended period. Khan’s decision to bring her to Wembley Stadium suggests ongoing discussions, but while she’s a suitable choice, it’s probably not her.

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November 17, 2023 12:36 pm


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