Dijak Shares Drew McIntyre’s Approval of His Twitter Posts

Drew McIntyre and Dijak have both been making waves on social media lately, each in their own unique way. McIntyre has been using the platform to playfully poke at CM Punk, while Dijak has been showcasing his creativity in various ways. Now, with both superstars on the same brand after Dijak was selected by Raw in the 2024 WWE Draft, their social media interactions have taken an interesting turn.

On May 7, Dijak took to Twitter to share that McIntyre had complimented his Twitter activity. However, Dijak couldn’t help but wonder if McIntyre’s approval was genuine, especially considering McIntyre may have seen Dijak’s positive comments about CM Punk. Dijak humorously pondered whether McIntyre’s praise was just a setup for something more sinister.

“Drew told me last night he likes my Twitter work, but also that means he probably saw the nice things I said about Punk so now I’m wondering if he’s just setting me up to end my life.”

Dijak’s reference to his previous comments about a significant conversation with CM Punk adds another layer of humor and intrigue to the situation. It seems the banter between McIntyre and Dijak, both on and off social media, is just getting started.



What do you think about the playful banter between Drew McIntyre and Dijak on social media? Do you think McIntyre’s compliment to Dijak was genuine, or is there some underlying rivalry brewing between them? Share your thoughts on their interactions and how you think it might impact their dynamics on Raw moving forward. Your insights could add an interesting perspective to their evolving relationship in WWE.


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