Darby Allin May Help Mend Steve-O and Bam Margera’s Broken Friendship

Darby Allin is stepping in as a mediator within the Jackass crew, helping to mend fences. In a recent clip from Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast, Steve-O revealed that he had reached out to Darby Allin to facilitate a connection with Bam Margera. The purpose was to allow Bam to see Steve-O’s new skate ramp, a gesture that could potentially rekindle their friendship.

Darby Allin took on the role of an intermediary and reached out to Bam Margera on Steve-O’s behalf. However, Margera had one pressing question: whether Steve-O had been speaking ill of him. This inquiry hinted at the sensitivity surrounding their relationship, given Margera’s struggles with substance abuse and personal issues.

In a positive turn of events, Allin relayed to Steve-O that Bam Margera had made some positive changes. Notably, Margera had stopped wearing his “alcoholic” bracelet, a symbolic step away from his past struggles with alcoholism. Furthermore, he appeared to be on the path to sobriety, signaling hope for improved relations within the Jackass crew.

“Darby Allin, he’s pretty tight with Bam. He came over the other day and he’s skating the ramp and I go, ‘hey I lost touch with Bam, I don’t have his number, but I want Bam to see my ramp, dude. Can you text him this clip of my ramp?’”



“Then Darby got back to me and he let me know that Bam asked him, ‘Was Steve-O talking sh*t about me?’ He was like, ‘No, he wasn’t. He just really wants you to see his ramp.”

The background to this reconciliation effort had to involve the sad falling out between Steve-O and Bam Margera. Margera’s ongoing substance abuse problems had created a rift in their friendship. Steve-O, who has been sober for more than a decade, had publicly advocated for his friends, including Margera, to pursue sobriety. Now, with Darby Allin’s assistance, there seems to be a glimmer of hope for rebuilding connections among the Jackass crew.

You can check out the clip below. Hopefully, this is the beginning to Bam Margera really turning things around.

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Transcription by Ringside News

November 11, 2023 4:12 pm


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