Dana White Doesn’t Care About Vince McMahon’s Lifetime Tenure as Executive Chairman

Following the completion of the UFC-WWE merger and the formation of TKO Group Holdings, which jointly oversees both organizations, Vince McMahon secured a lifetime tenure as the executive chairman of WWE. This move has garnered attention and raised questions, with many wondering about similar clauses in contracts for figures like Dana White, the president of UFC.

In a recent media scrum for Dana White’s Contender Series, Dana White addressed the issue, emphasizing that such contractual specifics don’t concern him. He expressed his focus on the continued success and growth of UFC, reaffirming his leadership role within the organization.

“I don’t give a sh*t about that kind of stuff. You know what I mean? Even the CEO thing, it’s a lateral move for me. I run everything that happens here, everything that goes on here, I determine. So, nothing has changed. It’s just three letters instead of…but I’m the CEO and president of the UFC now. But nothing changes; we’re just going to continue to kick a** like we do every single year.”

White’s comments reflect his unwavering dedication to UFC’s operations and his confidence in the organization’s continued success.



As the UFC and WWE move forward under the TKO Group Holdings banner, it remains to be seen how their respective leadership structures will shape the future of both entities.

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September 13, 2023 7:11 am


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