Damian Priest Reveals How He and Bad Bunny Fought to Bring Backlash to Puerto Rico

Looking back on Backlash 2023, Damian Priest reminisces about the electrifying atmosphere of WWE’s visit to Puerto Rico. The event, held in front of one of the most passionate crowds in WWE history, saw Grammy-winning artist Bad Bunny step into the ring against Priest in a thrilling street fight.

In recent interview on the Rob Brown Show, Priest shared his thoughts on the significance of performing in Puerto Rico and the efforts he and Bad Bunny put into making the show happen.

“It’s one of those things that goes beyond just one match or one performance. What we did culturally was monumental,” Priest remarked. “We set the precedent for WWE to host successful events outside of the United States. You could feel the energy from the crowd, and we witnessed records being shattered. It became evident that this success could be replicated everywhere.”

Priest emphasized the importance of representation and pointed out that it was he and Bad Bunny who fought to bring Backlash to Puerto Rico.



“Bad Bunny and I fought tooth and nail to bring Backlash to Puerto Rico. It wasn’t a guaranteed decision. We wanted to showcase not only our own talents but also involve other Latino superstars like Savio Vega and Carlito. It was about representation, regardless of heritage. This laid the groundwork for future events, like Rhea Ripley headlining in Perth and Gunther’s upcoming showcase in Berlin. It’s incredible to see the company expanding globally and giving each region its moment in the spotlight.”

Despite Bad Bunny emerging victorious in their match, Priest has since risen to prominence as the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His recent victory over Jey Uso at WWE Backlash 2024, held in France, solidifies his status as a dominant force in the WWE landscape.

What are your thoughts on Damian Priest’s reflections on WWE’s visit to Puerto Rico for Backlash 2023 and the cultural significance of the event? Do you agree that the success of events like these lays the groundwork for WWE’s expansion globally? Share your insights and experiences in the comments below!


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