Cody Rhodes Says Jey Uso is One of His All-Time Favorite Partners

Cody Rhodes is certainly one of the most beloved stars in WWE right now. He is currently teaming up with Jey Uso on Monday Night RAW and now Rhodes has stated that Jey Uso is one of his all-time favorite partners.  

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso captured the Undisputed Tag Team Championships from The Judgment Day at Fastlane, much to the approval of fans. However, they would lose the titles to The Judgment Day shortly afterwards.

While speaking to Gabby AF, Cody talked up his partnership with Jey Uso. The American Nightmare made it clear that for him, Jey Uso is one of his all-time favorite partners adding that he has teamed with numerous people in his career.

You mentioned a dream team. I never thought I was gonna tag with Jey Uso. Even when we were walking to the ring for Fastlane, we’re walking out there, and I didn’t know what was happening. Then after the one, two, three, and being champs with him, the first time he’s been champs with somebody other than his brother, he became one of my favorite allies, one of my favorite partners ever, and I’ve had tons of partners.



But the fact that he’s chipping away at Main Event Jey Uso, becoming himself, you see the crowd doing it with him and you see the shirts, the fact that I have him there, and we’re able to compete with each other and compete against each other, I really like Jey Uso. I’m looking forward to Monday to recreating, we had lightning in a bottle in Indianapolis, and yeah, the press conference went off the rails because maybe we had a little too much fun, but I’m looking at the same amount of fun in DC. That’s one of my favorite arenas, CapitalOne Arena. It’s a very special place to me, and to be able to repeat with him again would be special.”

It has been confirmed Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn and Jey Uso will be squaring off against The Judgment Day at Survivor Series in the WarGames match. We’ll have to see how their feud will progress in the coming weeks.

What do you think of what Cody Rhodes said? Do you love Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso’s tag team as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

November 11, 2023 3:55 pm


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