CM Punk Makes Surprise Appearance in Search of Drew McIntyre on 5/6 WWE RAW

The intense rivalry between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre took an interesting turn when Punk showed up unannounced on tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

As announced, Drew McIntyre was evidently frustrated after being taken out of the King of the Ring tournament due to not being medically cleared and was replaced by Jey Uso who went on to defeat Finn Balor to advance to the next round.

The Scottish Warrior was seen in a heated argument with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce backstage and stormed off in his car. Almost three seconds later, CM Punk’s car pulled over right at the same spot, making a surprise appearance who came looking for his rival, Drew McIntyre and found out that he just left.

The Best in the World made his way to the ring and asked everyone in attendance to take to their X and let McIntyre know of CM Punk’s arrival via their tweets to confront him and possibly pick a fight. While awaiting his impending arrival, Punk again went on a verbal tirade against McIntyre reflecting on the rivalry so far that began at the 2024 Royal Rumble.



With McIntyre not showing up, Punk vowed that the next time he sees him, he would inflict maximum damage to him, both physically and mentally adding another layer to this intriguing storyline.

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