CM Punk Accused by Ryback of Sabotage in Front of The Shield

Ryback’s reputation continues to plummet, and no one wants to have anything to do with him now. This is especially because of how he has been acting on social media over the past seven years. That said, it appears he accused CM Punk of trying to make him look bad in front of The Shield.

CM Punk was fired from AEW last week after a lot of drama following AEW All In, but that only gave rise to rumors of him returning to WWE. Naturally, Ryback hasn’t failed to take shots at Punk since then.

While speaking on The Ryback Show, Ryback once again went after The Second City Saint, as he accused CM Punk of trying to make him look bad in front of The Shield.

“You’re caught up about the role you see on TV but don’t understand the monster that he really is. The guy literally went up to the Shield, and I already know The Shield through developmental, that I was going to go and no sell them and that I was going to be very difficult to work and try to hurt them.”



“They all knew me already, they all would testify. Ambrose already has come out and talked about it, like he called me a sweetheart and sweet human being. That’s the kind of person Phil is though, he will go create drama somewhere.”

Ringside News also exclusively reported that CM Punk wants fans to believe WWE is an option for him. We’ll have to wait and see what will become of The Second City Saint in the end.

What do you think of these accusations made by Ryback? Are you shocked CM Punk could do such a thing? Let us know in the comments!

Transcription by Ringside News

September 12, 2023 3:10 pm


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