Chris Jericho Says AEW Is Better Off Now Than They Were A Month Ago

AEW has gone thought a lot of changes over the last month, most notably with the firing of CM Punk from his contracts. Now, it appears that Chris Jericho feels that the company is better off than they were a short time ago.

Chris Jericho remarked that AEW is currently in a better state than it was a month ago. AEW had faced a series of challenges in recent months, particularly following the altercation involving CM Punk and Jack Perry at AEW All In, which resulted in Punk’s termination on September 2nd.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, although CM Punk was not explicitly mentioned, Chris Jericho was directly questioned about whether AEW has improved as a company in the past month. Jericho responded affirmatively, indicating a positive shift.

“The short answer is yes. There’s also other people that are higher up in the company, we’re working together to suggest, and the thing with AEW is, we grew so fast. Look at our company now.”



“Look at the infrastructure. I was reading WWE layoffs the other day, and there’s people, I’m like, what is this position? I don’t even know what this means. WWE has such a huge infrastructure. We do not. We need to grow that. But who’s the right people? We’ve got to identify the place where we need a little bit of growth and go from there. Tony is very organized, and Tony’s very passionate. But once again, here we are four years in.”

“There’s a lot of stuff that none of us know. We’ve never ran our own company before, but we learned a lot from Vince. Tony’s Tony, Vince was Vince. You have to work within the boss’s system. It all rests in what Tony Khan want to do. What Tony Khan wants to do is continue to grow AEW. That’s what Chris Jericho wants to do, that’s what Bryan Danielson wants to do, that’s what Jon Moxley wants to do. So we’re all working together to patch up maybe some of the holes and continue to build this wall higher and higher and higher. To me, to see that growth so quickly is a little bit scary. We’re now figuring out what we need to do to continue to grow.”

When asked about his association with Tony Khan and if he offers recommendations, Chris Jericho highlighted his role as one of several individuals contributing to AEW’s growth efforts. He stressed their collective desire to see AEW continue its expansion and their ongoing efforts to determine the most effective approach to achieve this goal. AEW is going to keep doing their thing, and they will do it without CM Punk.

This is a very complicated situation, as any big departure from a company can be. We will wait and see if CM Punk drops any explosive interview down the line, but for now he is going to keep doing his thing away from AEW.

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September 19, 2023 2:05 pm


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