Chris Jericho Claims Victory in DDT Pro Wrestling Debut

Chris Jericho has been part of the world of professional wrestling for well over three decades now, working in various promotions over the years. He finally made his debut at DDT Pro Wrestling today and he was also victorious in his debut match.

Chris Jericho squared off against Konosuke Takeshita at DDT Ultimate Part on November 12. It was a highly competitive matchup which also comprised Jericho’s usual Japan shenanigans, including taking photos of Takeshita before flipping him off as well as the audience.

In the end, Chris Jericho would pull off the win after locking in The Walls of Jericho on Konosuke Takeshita, who had no choice but to submit. They would then shake hands after the beat, displaying a sense of sportsmanship.

Chris Jericho is not done with Takeshita yet as he will be taking part in a Like a Dragon Street Fight alongside Kenny Omega, Paul Wight Kota Ibushi against The Don Callis family on Dynamite next week.



What do you think of what Chris Jericho did? Are you disappointed he won the match? Let us know in the comments!

November 12, 2023 7:52 am


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