Challenging Times Ahead for NWA As Roster & Production Cuts Are Expected

Billy Corgan and the NWA have experienced a tumultuous month. It was reported that Corgan had secured two TV deals with The CW, one for the Powerrr series and another for an unnamed reality show. However, these plans faced disruption due to a controversial segment on the NWA Samhain PPV, featuring Father James Mitchell engaging in questionable activities with extras and roster members.

The social media backlash led The CW to reconsider broadcasting NWA content on its television platform, with a shift towards offering it on their app instead. Concurrently, WWE announced a multi-year agreement with The CW to air NXT, beginning in October 2024.

It was later reported that there is a growing discontent over Billy Corgan and how he runs the NWA company as a whole. There is a lot to be desired as they continue on. The company’s cuts are expected to be quite apparent as well.

Haus of Wrestling reports that the upcoming NWA Powerrr tapings, contracted talent will take center stage, with a reduced production crew described as “bare-bones.” Notable exceptions include Violent J and Mike Knox, who work voluntarily, as well as current NWA Tag Team Champion Kratos, who lacks a contract but holds a title. Additionally, a masked tag team operates without contracts, utilizing an NWA-owned gimmick.



Talent cuts are expected following the January tapings in early 2024, as contract negotiations commence. Many NWA talent contracts expire in June 2024, and while the exact number of potential cuts or non-renewals remains undisclosed, the evaluation of all contracted talent and their contributions to the company is ongoing. Non-contracted talent cannot be released, meaning some without formal deals may not be approached for future bookings.

Haus of Wrestling has learned that the NWA is expected to make cuts to its roster and various production areas soon. One source we spoke with told us that Corgan will make cuts “at every corner.” One example we were given on the production side is that the hair and make-up department’s budget will be cut roughly in half.

NWA talent will continue to have their hotel expenses covered on the night of tapings. In the event of multi-day tapings, hotel accommodations will be provided for each night before flying out the day following the final day of taping. The January tapings are tentatively scheduled for two nights, ensuring hotel coverage for both evenings if needed.

These changes stem from Corgan’s years-long personal funding of the NWA, as little sponsorship revenue has materialized. Millions have been invested in Powerrr and the NWA reality series, prompting the need for cost-cutting measures to maintain the promotion’s desired operational level.

It was also noted that, “Another cost-cutting measure that Haus of Wrestling learned about is that most NWA talent can no longer fly in the day before shows. By doing so, the NWA no longer has to pay extra hotel costs, which they have been footing the bill for up to now. The NWA has been paying for flights and hotels for talent, which is different than a standard WWE deal, which usually only covers flights. Paying for hotels has been considered an incentive for talent to work for the NWA to compensate for their lower pay compared to more prominent companies. From what we are told, AEW also pays for their talents’ hotel rooms.”

This is not the best news for fans of the NWA. At this point, it appears that the company may be going through another dark period in its history, but that doesn’t mean the promotion is done yet.

Hopefully, Billy Corgan has a plan to turn things around. We will be here at Ringside News for more on this story, and so many more in the pro wrestling world.

What’s your take on how Billy Corgan is running the NWA? Let us know what you think about things in the comments section!

November 16, 2023 1:37 pm


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