Cameron Grimes Eyes UFC Fight After TKO Deal Finalization

The pro wrestling world was turned upside down after Vince McMahon came back to WWE and began the process to sell the company to UFC’s parent company Endeavor. The deal has been finalized and everything is official and now it appears Cameron Grimes is the first WWE Superstar who wants to fight in the UFC.

As previously reported, the new name of the publicly traded company as result of WWE and UFC’s merger would be TKO Group Holdings. WWE and UFC’s deal was also finalized just yesterday, as the companies were featured in front of The New York Stock Exchange.

In light of this major news, Cameron Grimes took to Twitter and expressed his desire to fight in the UFC. Naturally, it is not known whether this will actually happen in the future.

I would like to fight in the UFC



The TKO Holdings Group also launched their own website following the WWE and UFC merger finalization. We will have to wait and see whether WWE stars will get to compete in the UFC somewhere down the line.

What’s your view on what Cameron Grimes said? Do you think WWE Superstars will be able to fight in the UFC in the future? Let us know in the comments!


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