Buff Bagwell Insists He’s Sober But May Do Jail Time After DUI Arrest

Buff Bagwell was arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs and he got a speeding ticket on top of that. Now, although he insists that he is sober, Buff may see jail time.

Former WCW star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell recently addressed his recent arrest in a YouTube video. Bagwell might have been arrested for a DUI, however, Bagwell clarified that he has been sober for 446 days.

Buff Bagwell acknowledged the challenges of managing emotions without the use of substances and described it as a necessary adjustment. He also admitted that since getting clean, he has struggled with controlling his temper, leading to a few setbacks in his DUI program.

Additionally, Buff Bagwell mentioned an incident at the Dallas airport where he failed to document his whereabouts, which resulted in his temper causing trouble. This incident led to rumors of a relapse, which he clarified was not the case; instead, it was a misunderstanding.



“It was a DUI court sanction.I’m really having to deal with my temper for the first time in my life, and it’s really tough.”

“I may be going to jail for my temper but he did not relapse and he is still clean and sober. He thanked Diamond Dallas Page, Steve Yu, and the team at DDP Yoga for helping him get clean and back in the gym after dealing with a 20-year addiction.”

Back in July, Buff Bagwell was arrested for DUI. It appears that he didn’t learn his lesson, because he was booked for the same charge once again. This is not a good trend, for sure, and we’re hoping that he can turn things around.

Buff Bagwell was quite open about his sobriety, and it seemed that he was making strides in that direction. Sadly, this is another chapter for Buff Bagwell in his life that includes DUI arrest. We can also never forget about the time in 2021 when he raked up 15 charges at once.

We’re hoping that Buff Bagwell can get through this situation, and he can continue. It seems that his temper got the best of him this time.

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November 19, 2023 11:35 am


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