Bryan Danielson’s First Remarks After Owen Hart Cup Tournament Win on 7/10 AEW Dynamite

Bryan Danielson is indeed recognized as one of the top professional wrestlers globally, having competed at the highest levels for many years. He also ended up winning the Owen Hart Cup Men’s tournament and has now given his first remarks after the fact.

On the July 10 episode of AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson defeated Hangman Page to win the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament, securing a world title shot at AEW All In. Martha Hart presented him with the trophy after the match.

While speaking in digital exclusive, Bryan Danielson shared his thoughts on his victory. He expressed how incredible and emotional the win was for him, although he also mentioned experiencing intense pain down his arm. He reflected on the significance of winning the tournament, highlighting the impact Owen Hart had on professional wrestling and what it means to be a father in the industry.

Danielson gave emphasis to the inspiration he draws from Martha Hart, praising her for raising her children and establishing the Owen Hart Memorial Foundation. He noted that her achievements and the people her children have become are inspiring to him. Danielson explained that he wants to be the kind of parent Martha Hart is, which is why he is stepping back from full-time wrestling. He stressed that he is not retiring because he can’t keep up anymore, but because he loves his family and wants to show them that he can be the best in the world while prioritizing them.



He concluded by stating that his decision to stop full-time wrestling is driven by his desire to be a great parent and to honor the legacy of both Owen and Martha Hart. This, he said, is his motivation and the reason behind his actions.

“It’s incredible. The emotion you get with something like that, it’s unlike anything else. What it means, what it means to me as a person, what it means…fuck, fuck. Sorry, the pain down my arm is just a little too intense right now. Fuck. Breathe, breathe, breathe. That’s what I meditate. I’ve got these shooting pains down my arms, and sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable, but you learn to do hard things when you’re uncomfortable. When I think of that, of winning the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament and what it means, going to the main event of Wembley at All In, I’m proud of what I did out there. A lot of this, I’m proud of winning the Owen because Owen Hart meant so much to professional wrestling. He meant so much, as far as what it means to be a father in professional wrestling, what it means to put your family first. That’s what Owen Hart means.

But then also as Martha [Hart] was shaking my hand and giving me the trophy, we call this the Owen Hart Memorial Foundation Tournament, but I’m just as proud to shake her hand because what she’s done as a mother, all on her own, and raised those kids and started the Owen Hart Memorial Foundation and all the good things that she’s done, getting her doctorate, the people that her children have become, that’s inspiring to me. That, not because I can’t handle it anymore, not because I’m not good enough, that, because I want to be the type of parent that Martha Hart is. That’s why I’m stopping full-time wrestling. But one of the things that I wanna do before I go, this is important to me. This why I’m doing this. Everybody needs a f***** why, and this is my f***** why. I’m not going out because I can’t do this anymore. I want to show my kids and my family that I can be the best in the m************ world, and I’m not stopping because I can’t hang anymore. I’m stopping because I love my family so much. We talk about Owen Hart. Tonight, I’m talking about Martha Hart. That’s the kind of parent I want to be, and that’s what this represents.”

We will have to wait and see whether Bryan Danielson will end up winning the AEW World Championship at All In and finally become a champion before he ends his career as a full-time in-ring competitor this year.

Do you feel Bryan Danielson will win the AEW World Championship at All In once and for all? Let us know in the comments section below!


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