Brock Lesnar Accused Of Being Unsafe With German Suplex Technique

Brock Lesnar is a multi-time World Champion who dominated the world of professional wrestling and combat sports. Lesnar’s legitimacy can never be called into question and now it appears Lesnar has been accused of being unsafe with his German Suplex technique.

For many years now, Brock Lesnar has been dominating his competition with Suplex City, where he hits numerous German Suplexes on his opponents and each of them are devastating.

While speaking on a Q & A with Monthley Puroresu, WWE Hall of Famer Madusa heavily criticized Brock Lesnar for his German Suplex technique and accused him of being unsafe.

“Thank God for the Japanese girls because that’s where I honed my craft. And I was like, “Oh my God, there’s not a woman – how devastating is this?” But you really need to learn it and nail it because if you don’t, you’re gonna get hurt.



Yeah. We know how that goes. And then your opponent can get hurt really, really bad. It scares me every time I see Brock Lesnar try to do a suplex,” Madusa said. “I cringe every time. Brock does that… whatever he calls a German. I yell every time. I’m like, Suplex City my ass. That is no German suplex!

As Ringside News exclusively reported, Brock Lesnar did not appear for the Payback Premium Live Event. It is likely he will be back in time for WrestleMania 40 in 2024 as he’s being featured on the advertisements for the event, so we’ll have to see how WWE will plan his return next year.

What do you think of what Madusa said? Do you think Brock Lesnar’s German Suplex is unsafe? Let us know in the comments!

September 11, 2023 2:06 am


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