Breaking Down AEW’s Random New Romance Angle

AEW has tried out a lot of different angles since the company opened their doors. Tony Khan hasn’t tried his hand at many romance angles, but they have quite an interesting one brewing on AEW Collision.

Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker have teased that there could be something between them right now. Parker is pursuing her, but she may not be 100% okay with it just yet. That won’t stop him from trying.

During AEW television this week, Angelo Parker had flowers delivered to Ruby Soho in the middle of her match. She still won the match, but it was a very annoying thing to happen for her in Oakland.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that there is a very interesting dynamic going between everyone in this situation. While Matt Menard and Saraya are not fans of this relationship, it won’t stop Angelo Parker from trying. Right now, it appears he may be annoying Ruby Soho with his efforts as well.



“Flowers came out, this guy comes to the ring with flowers, apparently from Angelo Parker and Ruby Soho gets the flowers, nearly gets pinned, but still comes back to win, but she’s mad that somebody brought flowers out to her in the middle of a match.”

“They’re having a deal with Matt Menard and Angelo Parker and Ruby Soho and Saraya, where Matt Menard and Angelo Parker are not liking this romance angle at all. Ruby Soho wasn’t either, but they’re doing a little thing with Matt Menard and Saraya where they’re kinda against it, but they have something in common.

We will have to see how this transpires in the weeks to come. It is possible that they are playing up a romantic comedy trope on AEW television, where Angelo Parker will try his best to win over Ruby Soho with one bumbling romantic attempt after another.

AEW is trying their best to get fans to watch their programming every week, and it appears that this romantic storyline is going to continue. Only time will tell what the pay-off will be, but Tony Khan’s company is certainly going in a romantic direction with Angelo Parker and Ruby Soho.

What’s your take on AEW trying their hand at a romantic storyline? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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November 12, 2023 9:06 am

Felix Upton

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