Bobby Lashley Aims to Coach Amateur Wrestling for His Son

Bobby Lashley, a true all-around athlete, is not just making waves in professional wrestling, but also leaving his mark in the worlds of amateur wrestling and mixed martial arts.

On a recent episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast, the former WWE Champion dropped some exciting news – his son is diving into amateur wrestling, and he’s stepping into the role of an amateur wrestling coach.

Lashley is setting the bar high for his son, recognizing the importance of pushing kids to reach their potential.

“I don’t mind keeping that bar really high for him. This is what we need as kids, that’s what kids need. If they don’t have that bar, then they just kind of float.”



His son had the opportunity to join a top-notch wrestling program in Colorado, but with the family’s move to Texas, he’s now part of a school with a strong focus on athletics, particularly wrestling. Lashley is thrilled about this opportunity to coach, something he’s been eager to do. He even mentioned that if he were to leave WWE for anything else, being a high school wrestling coach would be a dream come true for him.

“If I left WWE for anything else, I’d be a high school wrestling coach. That would be a dream for me and I’m really excited about it. I actually spoke to coach yesterday because it was a first day of practice, coach was like, we’d love to have you, come on in. So yes, I’ll be coaching amateur wrestling.”

As for the future, Lashley also touched on when he might hang up his wrestling boots for good. His dedication to shaping the next generation of amateur wrestlers shows that his impact on the sport will continue long after his in-ring career comes to an end.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Lashley’s decision to become an amateur wrestling coach for his son and his dedication to shaping the next generation of wrestlers? Leave us a comment below.

November 13, 2023 3:44 pm


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