Bobby Fish Accuses CM Punk Of Being Passive-Aggressive Backstage In AEW

Bobby Fish eventually made his way to AEW after he was let go by WWE as part of budget cuts in 2021. He had a match with CM Punk which didn’t end in a good way and it appears Fish accused Punk of being passive-aggressive backstage in AEW after their match.

Fish later left AEW after he wasn’t happy with how he was being booked at the promotion. He also previously eviscerated CM Punk, especially about Punk’s in-ring capabilities.

Bobby Fish and CM Punk Punk went one-on-one on the October 27, 2021, episode of Dynamite which featured a controversial finish, which was a botched pinfall. This would lead to heat between the two.

While speaking on Keepin’ It 100, Bobby Fish recalled his conversation with CM Punk after their match. He accused Punk of being passive-aggressive backstage after their match.



“I went into his locker room ‘cause that’s where we called the match, so my bag was in there. Before all this, I was being very respectful, so I went back to get my stuff, and he and I talked back there, and to be honest, he was (…). Phil acted like a b****. He was very passive-aggressive, like dude, we’re men, I’m somebody’s father, you can speak openly and honestly to me.”

CM Punk’s run with AEW ended on a sour note after he was fired earlier this month. We’ll have to wait and see whether Punk will end up in WWE somewhere down the line, as fans have expressed their desire for that to happen.

What’s your view on what Bobby Fish said? Do you believe CM Punk was AEW’s biggest problem? Let us know in the comments!

September 18, 2023 5:09 pm


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