Big Bucks at WWE Payback 2023: Over $1 Million Gate Revenue; WWE NXT No Mercy Also Thrives

Wrestle Nomics has just dropped the numbers on WWE’s September premium live events, and oh boy, it’s a wild ride!

First up, we’ve got WWE Payback 2023, which rocked the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA, on September 2. The attendance? A solid 11,680 die-hard fans! But the real shocker here? The gate revenue soared to a jaw-dropping $1,161,555, folks! That’s right, a million-dollar gate! Each ticket was like a golden ticket, averaging at a cool $99 bucks. These fans sure knew how to open their wallets for some top-tier wrestling action!

But wait, there’s more! WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 hit the Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, CA, on September 30, and it was a banger of a show, folks. With a packed house of 4,308 fans, the gate raked in a whopping $262,262! That’s over a quarter of a million bucks! And get this, the average ticket sale amounted to $61 a pop, talk about premium wrestling entertainment!

Now, let’s talk distribution, shall we? According to Wrestle Tix, WWE Payback 2023 had a grand total of 13,014 tickets distributed, including those sweet “comps.” WWE even flexed their numbers muscles, announcing an attendance of 12,468. The numbers don’t lie, folks!



As for WWE NXT No Mercy 2023, we’re looking at an estimated 4,954 tickets distributed, and with that incredible gate, it’s safe to say fans were more than willing to cash in for this epic showdown!

And there’s a little bonus for you! WWE Payback 2023 came oh-so-close to WWE Fastlane 2023, which went down on October 7 at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. Fastlane scored big with a $1,181,229 gate, and both events had a crowd of 11,680 cheering their hearts out.

In the world of WWE and NXT, the action is red-hot, the gates are stacked with cash, and the fans are living for it! Stay tuned to Ringside News for more wrestling madness, because you never know what jaw-dropping numbers are coming your way next!

The financial success of WWE’s premium live events seems to be quite impressive. What do you think is driving the significant gate revenue for these events? Is it the star power of the wrestlers, the quality of the matches, or something else that’s drawing in such large crowds and high ticket prices? Leave us a comment below.

November 21, 2023 11:39 am


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