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Becky Lynch Drops Hints About Her Role In NXT After Show Goes Off The Air

After her significant victory over Tiffany Stratton on NXT this week, newly crowned NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch provided insights into her intentions for her reign in a post-show promo.

Speaking to the crowd at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, Lynch expressed her gratitude and outlined her vision as champion.

Lynch acknowledged the support of the fans, emphasizing how their belief in her had made her current position possible. The Orlando crowd responded with chants of “you deserve it,” reflecting their appreciation for her achievement.

The Irish superstar went on to reveal her desire to be an active and fighting champion for the NXT brand, expressing her intention to represent it fully rather than merely taking the title to another brand.



“Guys I just wanna say thank you so much. When I came over here nobody thought I had a shot at winning anything and because you people, because of you constantly supporting me, spurring me on, believing in me this has all been possible.”

“We deserve it! More than anything what I want to do, I don’t want to just take this, go home and go over to Raw. I want to be here with you I want to represent this brand, I want to be a fighting champion for all of you. So thank you, I appreciate you, I love you, get home safe you’ve been amazing.”

Lynch’s victory at NXT not only solidified her status as a grand slam champion in WWE, with reigns on RAW, SmackDown, and as a Tag Team Champion, but it also underscored her commitment to NXT and its fans.

As she embarks on her championship reign, fans can expect Lynch to be a prominent figure on the NXT brand.

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September 13, 2023 7:51 am


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