Austin Theory Takes Credit For The Rock’s ‘Loudest Crowd Reaction Of All Time’

Austin Theory is steadily building his reputation as one of WWE’s up-and-coming talents, showcasing his skills on television each week. He might not be the United States Champion anymore, but he got to have a solid segment with The Rock on Smackdown this week. Now it appears Theory made a bold statement about The Rock after his reaction on Smackdown.

As seen on last week’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Austin Theory confronted a returning Pat McAfee. It was then followed by The Rock returning after almost four years and immediately shutting down Theory on the microphone. The Rock then hit his signature spinebuster and People’s Elbow on Theory for good measure.

The Rock then made it clear that he was still blown away by his reaction on Friday Night Smackdown. Austin Theory took to Twitter and took credit for The Rock getting such a huge reception on Smackdown.

I’m so grateful and humble that I could give you the loudest crowd reaction of all time. Also I don’t need you to tell me how talented I am I already know that.



Your favorite A-hole 🚀 #AllDay #AustinTheoryLive

Austin Theory also threw down challenge to The Rock. We will have to wait and see whether Theory and The Great One will duke it out somewhere down the line, as that would certainly be an interesting matchup.

What’s your opinion on what Austin Theory said? Do you believe WWE sees great things in Theory now? Let us know in the comments!

September 18, 2023 5:08 am


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