AEW Tried To Silence Former WWE Superstar About Speaking Out After Jon Moxley’s Concussion

AEW has brought in several former WWE names, from Hall of Famers to talent who have shown the world what they can do in an All Elite ring. Sadly, some have suffered injuries, but AEW has a certain way of dealing with public perception.

Stevie Richards reports AEW reached out to him following a video he dropped in September. We will have to see if they can make anything work at this point, but it seems that AEW reached out for a different reason.

Stevie Richards has been using his YouTube channel to analyze wrestling moves and assess their outcomes. Following AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Richards uploaded a video addressing Jon Moxley’s concussion, which has subsequently been deleted from his channel. He claims that AEW contacted him about that as well.

During an appearance on Rene De Cafe with Rene Dupree, Richards asserted that individuals associated with AEW contacted him regarding the video.



“I’m not going to say who it is, but it was more than one and there’s not a ton of them, so you can guess. What they said to me was, it was universally like, the conversation was two men, ‘Hey, call me, I want to talk and clear the air about this.’ I make the call, we talk, it was literally the first minute or two, pleasantries, and then, I know we have to talk this out and see.”

Tell me where I was wrong and where I was right. ‘You were wrong in saying the blame is on the agents or producers. We try to tell these kids what to do and how to be safe, they don’t listen, they can’t be coached,’ and then they went on for ten to 20 minutes telling me how I had no idea how right I was with the video. They’re collecting checks, and who can blame them. For everybody out there, I don’t want AEW to go out of business. I don’t care about Tony Khan or his dad, they’ll have money. I care about the people who have paid their dues and are producers. I care about the wrestlers and their safety, but I care about the people that I know that are producers and agents in the company. I want them to get paid for as long as possible.”

Jon Moxley’s concussion was not part of the plan, but no pro wrestling injury is expected. It seems that Stevie Richards was just doing what he saw was right by the talent in the ring, and not Tony Khan, who will be rich no matter what happens with AEW.

Only time will tell if we hear more stories about AEW reaching out to get people to take down their content. We have certainly ran enough stories that include DCMA takedown notices filed on AEW’s behalf, some of which took entire social media accounts down.

Keep checking back with us here at Ringside News for more on this story and so many more in the pro wrestling world. You never know what will happen next, especially in AEW.

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November 13, 2023 10:36 am


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