AEW Title Match Set for Stardom Flashing Champions 2024 Event

With WWE dominating the wrestling industry single handedly with some of the greatest matches and content that the world has ever seen, other promotions have been trying to work alongside each other, bringing attraction for both the companies. One of the biggest names trying to do this is AEW, who is also believed to be the first competitor WWE has. 

After making a massive connection between ROH and AEW, Tony Khan has started working together with Stardom, trying to build work relationship. In the past few weeks, AEW superstars have made appearances for Stardom, building a connection between both companies.

While trying to build a connection with the company, a new development has come into light. Willow Nightingale is set to defend her TBS Championship against Tam Nakano. The match is set to take place at Stardom Flashing Champions on May 18. 

With a title match set, it is clear that things are going good between both AEW and Stardom. Willow Nightingale successfully defending her title won’t be a big surprise for sure. However, a massive effort from Tam Nakano in the match is the least one can expect. 



Are you excited to see Willow Nightingale vs Tam Nakano at Stardom Flashing Champions? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Written by Wrestle Pedia

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